Aby-a-Day – 18 Maj 2020: Pink is for boys, too! (Hipstamatic Monday)

Dashiell and Izaak eat together in our bedroom. Breakfast, chicken neck snacktime, and dinner, those two always dine together. This is because, for whatever reason, Dash doesn’t try to steal Zak’s food (the way Alfred or Lorelai would), and since Zak only eats raw, he won’t try to eat Dash’s meal.


This is one of the reasons this pair are such fast friends. When the other three cats are done eating, and I open the bedroom up, I often find them cuddling together, sometimes on our bed, and sometimes in this fuzzy pink cat bed we won at a cat show.


It’s pretty girly. We thought it might be good for Rory, but she never sleeps in there. Angel does sometimes, but it’s mainly Zak and Dash who nap in that bed. The bed also has the white blanket that was in Zak’s crate when he came here from Poland, so that may be part of the attraction.


Who says boys can’t rock the pink?

Aby-a-Day – 17 Maj 2020: An Angel watching over me (Swedish Sunday)

I fall asleep watching television pretty much every night. I never see the end of movies we watch.


I guess Angel decided I needed some company and settled herself on top of the big sofa cushion and joined me in my little nap.

Aby-a-Day – 16 Maj 2020: Singas ALWAYS share…whether you want to or not… (Singapura Saturday)

When Izaak decides he wants to nap somewhere…


…He naps there.


Regardless of whether or not someone else is already napping there.


There’s this one old cat tree is especially popular for some reason.


Dashiell has taken a liking to sleeping in the cat bed in that tree.


And because Dash wants to sleep there…so does Zak.



And when Izaak wants something…he usually gets it.


Whether you want it or not…if a Singapura wants to cuddle with you, you CUDDLE!

Aby-a-Day – 20 April 2020: Dash is a smol bol (Hipstamatic Monday)

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, one of Dashiell’s favourite afternoon napping spots is at the end of the sofa.


He’s a big, gangly yearling, but he manages to get his legs rolled up in a tight ball.


…And, the camera woke him up. Sorry, Dash!

Aby-a-Day – 16 April 2020: The blanket boys (Thursday Things)

Izaak and Dashiell spend a lot of time in the bedroom, since they eat their meals and chicken necks in there. And after they finish, they snuggle under the comforters.


Zak generally naps on top of the covers (he prefers to sleep under the covers when humans are there.


Dash likes to sleep under the comforters, which is easy since we have the Scandinavian double duvet system.


And Dash is so damn cute when he comes out from underneath.


I mean, just look!


What’s funny is, Jacoby used to like to sleep under the covers like that, too. It’s kind of nice.

Aby-a-Day – 13 April 2020: Nap distribution (Hipstamatic Monday)

Working on various Photoshop projects today, at one point I looked over and noticed that all the boys were piled at one end of the sofa.


Alfred, Izaak and Dashiell were all napping in a heap at the far end.


It was pretty adorable.


I mean, look at them1



Totally a band of brothers.


Meanwhile, Lorelai was napping on the right side of the sofa.


Pretty much as far away as she could get from the boys whilst still being on the sofa.



But she was happy on her “no boys allowed” side of the couch.

Nice teeth, Rory!

Aby-a-Day – 30 Mars 2020: Shelter in place (Hipstamatic Monday)

In a lot of places (that don’t include Sweden at the moment), people have been told to “shelter in place” to avoid spreading Covid-19. Despite the Swedish government not yet ordering a lockdown, I have been staying inside as much as possible. So I thought I’d show the places the cats have been sheltering in today.


This was what Izaak and Alfred were doing before I got up to take photos.


I love the way this shot of Lorelai! Part of the fun of Hipstamatic is it’s random, like a slot machine. And this photo is one of the jackpots!


And this one isn’t bad either.


Here’s Dashiell on Pyret’s chair.


And here’s Dash channeling 1967.


One of Angel’s napping spots is on a dining table chair. That’s where I found her today.


And, as napping places go, the kitchen tables are a pretty good place to nap.