Gun-Hee a Day/211 of 366

My husband says that this is the best picture of Gun-Hee ever.

Gun-Hee a Day/210 of 366

Gun-Hee and Kylie share the heater bed.

Gun-Hee a Day/209 of 366

More from Gun-Hee’s first weekend with us: bonding with Patrick.


Gun-Hee a Day/208 of 366

Another of Gun-Hee on his first day with us…chasing a kitten teething toy.
It’s been one month since he died.

Gun-Hee a Day/207 of 366

These photos were taken exactly a year ago today, with my husband’s cellphone.

Gun-Hee a Day/206 of 366

Another photo from the first weekend Gun-Hee was with us. What a little sweetie.

Gun-Hee a Day/205 of 366

My husband and Gun-Hee (from when Gun-Hee was sick).