Aby-a-Day – 25 Februari: In memory of Walter Hutzler (Hipstamatic Monday)

Sad news…CFA judge Walter Hutzler has passed away. He was a great cat judge and person. I didn’t know him well, but he lived in Region 1 and I was lucky to have seen him judge and have Jacoby judged by him a few times.


The thing I remember about Walter is his flamboyant style of dressing. He also often wore scarves, which I thought was cool, and a nice change from the usual ties CFA judges wear.


He was even featured in the 2006 PBS documentary Standard of Perfection: Show Cats. It’s always fun to see judges you know on TV shows.


Walter was a really fun judge to watch.


He really interacted with the cats as he judged them.


Since it was Monday, I remembered I had taken some Hipstamatic photos of Walter judging Jake at a show in Groton, CT in October 2011 (the same weekend I met Molly and Mosey and Jake Gbecame a Grand).


My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend has stopped running today. Sleep well in Tuonela, Walter.

Aby-a-Day – 18 Februari: Presidential Photography (Hipstamatic Monday)

Back in the States, today is President’s day. Of course, there’s not much to celebrate lately, but in honour of the holiday, Hipstamatic released a special free Hipstapak with the Lincoln lens and TR Roosevelt 26 film, a subtle reminder of two good Republican presidents.


Well, I didn’t have an idea for a Monday post, so I figured I’d try it out. Usually, I use Hipstamatic on random, mixing and matching lenses and films, but today I only used the new lens and film. Not sure what I think of the results…but here is Angel.


It does do a great job on Izaak, though.


Of course, it’s hard to take a bad photo of Zak.


Recently all the cats have taken to sleeping in our bedroom. Most of them like our bed, but Angel, as you see above, prefers to sleep in a cat bed that’s on our clothing hamper. But it’s not uncommon to find everyone else on our bed, especially Jacoby and Lorelai, who like to burrow under the comforters.


Now that she’s no longer a super crazy kitten, Jake has become more tolerant of Rory…


…Well, mostly.


When I was taking these photos, Alfred was sitting right outside our bedroom and next to the kitchen, hopefully awaiting a snack.


Good ol’ Freddy.

Aby-a-Day – 17 December: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (Hipstamatic Monday)

We finally have our tree up.


This is absolutely the latest I have ever set up my Christmas tree (except for the years I didn’t put one up at all, of course).



Björn says that Swedes usually put their trees up later than in the States…even later than this. But given the ordeal that is putting up all the decorations, I would rather put them up as early as possible – the day after Thanksgiving. Maximum result for maximum work, if you know what I mean.


But whatever. The tree is up. And it’s Lorelai’s and Izaak’s first tree ever. And it’s Alfred’s second.


You would think, based on all the memes about cats and Christmas trees, there would be no way on Earth that a tree would survive with four Abyssinians and a Singapura.



But the truth is, the cats are, generally, unimpressed by the Christmas tree.


(Gotta love the randomness of Hipstamatic…)



Björn was trying so hard to get Freddy and Rory interested in the tree, he was plying them with ornaments…glass ones, no less!



The ornaments were still more interesting than the tree itself.



One Björn stopped swinging the ornaments around enticingly and hung them on the tree, Rory and Freddy’s interest was gone.


Jacoby couldn’t even be enticed to pose with the tree. This ain’t his first Christmas tree rodeo.


Izaak, however, was at least a little impressed by the tree.



But even he respected the tree and merely posed for me next to it.


He was interested in the tree…but at the end of the day…


…He was more interested in posing next to the electric window candles.

Aby-a-Day – 10 December: Evening commute (Hipstamatic Monday)

On the train ride to Göteborg for this past weekend’s show, Lorelai and Izaak were being extra cuddly with Björn.



Zak insisted on being against Björn’s chest, and Rory…


…Rory wanted to hug Daddy’s arm.



Björn was trying to read something on his phone. They were making it as difficult as they could.


In the cutest possible way, of course.

Aby-a-Day – 3 December: A little holiday cheer (Hipstamatic Monday)

Usually by this time, I have all the Christmas decorations up. But because we have to get some new wiring installed in the wall where the Christmas tree is meant to go, we have only put our Swedish Jul candles in our windows so far.


Tonight, Jacoby was sitting in the window next to the candles washing his face, and it looked so festive, I thought I’d take some Hipstamatic snaps just for fun.


Since I always take the Hipstamatic photos on the randomizer (you shake your phone and the app randomly selects the film and lens), there’s always a chance of getting black and white film…which is kind of a downer when you’re trying to get a festive holiday shot.



But sometimes, it really works.


Then there are the miraculous happy accidents betwixt film and lens. This one looks like the Northern Lights are shimmering in the night sky outside the window.


And in this shot, Jake looks like he’s in a snowglobe. Now that’s festive!


I love this one…not sure why, but I find it entrancing.


It’s rather magical, some of the things that you capture with Hipstamatic.

Aby-a-Day – 26 November: Bothering napping cats (Hipstamatic Monday)

Even though we have five cats living with us, there are moments where you wonder where all the cats are.


There’s a time of day when all the cats are napping. Sometimes you see them…sometimes you don’t.


Izaak usually naps close to me…although maybe not so much when I start taking photos of him.


Alfred tends to nap on the sofa with Zak on the sofa.


Freddy is a simple cat with simple needs.


Mostly, he just needs a good place to nap.


Angel loves the little brown bed.


She naps in it almost everyday.


Even though a certain Singapura tries to nap in there with her.


Meanwhile, Lorelai has discovered the radiator bed.


She spends a lot of time there.


Can you blame her? It’s comfy and it’s warm.


Who wouldn’t want to nap in a warm radiator bed, though, right?


Last, but obviously not least, we have Jacoby. He loves to sleep on our bed.


He usually digs himself a nest under our comforters…but today he decided to nest on top of the blankets.


Even so, he usually sleeps on my side of the bed. How does he know that?

Aby-a-Day – 5 November: Remember, remember, the 6th of November (Hipstamatic Monday)

One of the most fun things about Hipstamatic is the randomness of it, but another is the special themed paks of films, lenses, flashes and camera cases. A few years ago (I think it was for the 2012 Presidential elections), they came up with the Rock the Vote pak, which included RTV Shout, a film that adds pro-voting slogans to your photos. So I just wanted to put this up here to remind my friends back home to be sure and vote tomorrow.


I still get to vote in Massachusetts statewide elections as an American ex-pat living in Sweden, and I voted last month. I am proud to have voted for Elizabeth Warren as my Senator.


So, please, please…vote tomorrow! Do it for Lorelai!