Aby-a-Day – 9 January: Emma’s fan art (Cartoon Tuesday)

Björn’s 7 year old daughter Emma lives near Stockholm with her mother. She loves cats and drawing (a girl after my own heart!) and, since Jacoby has decided that he doesn’t like going to cat shows anymore, when we go to a show in that area, we take Jake along and he stays with them while we show Logan.

Emma drew the above picture of Jake during one visit…

…Based on this.

She came to visit us for her birthday, and (as every little girl who has ever seen him has done) she absolutely fell in love with Logan. She drew this picture of him…

…Based on this. She’s got a good eye!

Aby-a-Day – December 20: Lush Fun!

Today I met Björn’s two children, Emma (5) and Kalle (almost 13). Of all the things I thought I would be in life, a mom was never one of them…but now I’ll be a stepmom. That I can handle though – it’s like being a cool aunt, only fulltime.


Actually, only Kalle lives with Björn. Emma lives with her mother in Stockholm, so we only will get to see her once in a while. Kalle loves cats, and he’s excited to live with two Abyssinians. We’ve all met on FaceTime, and I think Kalle and Angel, especially, will get along wonderfully.


When we first met her with Kalle and their mother, Titti, it was at a coffeeshop in Stockholm’s Centralstation. Emma was busy with a packet of Lush Fun moldable clay.


I’m sure Björn was a bit worried as to how I’d bond with Emma, since she only speaks a little English. Well, once I saw the soap clay…I knew what to do. I sat down and had Björn ask her if I could have a bit of her soap. She said yes, so I took off my coat and got to work.


Because what better way to bond with your soon-to-be stepdaughter who loves kitties and pink things than by making her a pink Jacoby out of soap?


Needless to say, it worked like a charm. Well, that, and the robot leopard I gave her for Christmas.