Aby-a-Day – Day 273 of 365

It’s late September in New England, and lovely warm days are becoming scarce. When a nice day comes along, it needs to be appreciated and enjoyed to its fullest.

Saturday was just such a day, with temperatures in the 80’s and not a lot of humidity, cloud-free with the leaves just starting to change from green to red and orange. Jacoby and I went to Boston Common, where we discovered a carousel near the Frog Pond.


There was a cat on it, so we had to go and get a closer look at it.


There’s a marvelous carousel in Golden Gate Park that has two Siamese cats on it. I love it when carousels have cats to ride.

Aby-a-Day – Day 272 of 365

Last night, my husband gave me a bunch of photos he’d taken with his iPhone, and this video was among them. I don’t know when he took it, and I’d never seen it before. It’s priceless, though: It’s Jacoby and Angel playing with the light reflecting off his watch onto the floor. Jake’s tail, especially, is of particular interest.

Like the video of Jake running in the hallway, I linked to it rather than posting it via YouTube because iPhone videos can film vertically, but YouTube can only show horizontal videos properly.

Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

Today’s Page-a-Day Calendar cat is a very handsome red Aby named Scooter:

Aby-a-Day – Day 271 of 365

My husband caught Jacoby and Angel in the window yesterday morning before work…


All in Jacoby’s family

I was reminded recently of Cat Show Online, which is, as you might guess, a virtual cat show.

However, Jacoby’s father, Gr. Ch. Pellburn Scarface Cat Pacino (aka “Scar”), his uncle, Gr. Pr. Pellburn White Lightning (aka “Whitey”), and his brother and littermate, Ch. Pellburn Johnny Dillinger (aka “Dillin”) were all voted winners in the spring contest.

Here are their photos:


Scar (photo by Chanan)


Uncle Whitey (Photo by Sherry Pellerin)


Dillin (Photo by Sherry Pellerin)

That’s one thing I like about Abyssinians…you get a solid feeling of family. Their family trees are so well documented since they’re one of the oldest breeds with very little outcrossing to other breeds or random-bred cats that fit the breed standard.

I wish my own genealogy was so clearly recorded!

Aby-a-Day – Day 270 of 365

Even though Jacoby is almost a year and a half old, and Angel is three, they still play as much as ever. One thing they do is play fight; Jake starts a lot of it, but Angel usually wins.


She weighs less than Jake, but she is stocky and solid. Her legs are shorter than his, too, and her lower center of gravity gives her the advantage.



(Sometimes they move faster than the camera can readjust)


Not even white hot lazors can help Jake beat Angel.



This is Jake’s idea of a defensive move: holding her at arm’s (and legs’) length.


Yeah…that tactic doesn’t really work all that well.


Which isn’t to say that Jacoby doesn’t have some moves of his own; he usually gets a few hits on Angel.


However, age and treachery will always prevail against youth and speed.

“How do you get to take him places?”

Over on a photo blog I post to from time to time, I was asked “How do you get to take Jacoby into all these places?” I thought my followers might like to know the answer to that question, so here is my reponse:

Well…I basically just go out with him. He’s used to being on a leash, and he also has his stroller to ride in. And he’s pretty bulletproof – he’s a therapy cat, so dogs, loud vehicles, and random children don’t faze him at all. Him being so calm (and me being so confident of his reaction in any situation) goes a long way.

But then, too, I don’t act like it’s “weird” to go someplace with him. I generally go by the rule that “as long as it’s not a food store, a restaurant or a hospital” we can just go on in without asking anyone if it’s okay…and generally, that’s been the case. The fact that he’s not a dog seems to help, too – lots of places say “No dogs” and not “No pets” and I use that loophole sometimes.

If there’s any question he might not be welcome (like the bead shop, where a cat going berzerk would be very bad), I do ask. But because he has the personality he does, it’s not really a problem.

Then, too, in Boston it’s okay to bring pets on public transit as long as they’re in carriers or under control, so I don’t have to worry about getting places with him.

In this case, I went and asked the people running the carousel if I could just take a photo of him on the cat between rides, because I was so psyched to see a cat to ride on that carousel. The people running it were cat lovers, so it was no problem!

There’s a line from the movie The Paper that I keep in mind when I’m out with Jake: “A clipboard and a confident manner can get you into any building in the world.” Acting confident, like you have every right to be where you are with your cat (even if you aren’t sure you are) goes a long way.

One other tip: don’t plan on getting anywhere in a hurry when you’re out with your cat. People will want to ask you questions and they will want to pet the kitty. When I take Jake out with me, it’s when I don’t really have an agenda.

Maybe not rocket science…but I’ve been taking cats out on leashes since I was in 7th or 8th grade, so what seems like common knowledge to me probably involves a lot of things other people haven’t ever thought of…so, hopefully this will be useful information.