Aby-a-Day – July 31: It’s fun to be a tourist in the city (Cartoon Tuesday)

This is. as you might guess, inspired by our trip to Faneuil Hall this past Saturday. Although we didn’t actually buy Jacoby a hat (he already has one), a balloon hat (yeah, because balloons and cats are such a good idea), New England clam chowder or Boston baked beans (we actually had Mexican food for lunch), a plush lobster toy (I have one in storage…maybe) or a tacky souvenir totebag or a foam Fenway finger (well, we DO live here), we did go to Build-a-Bear and pick up a grey Red Sox T-shirt with red sleeves…


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Calling all Aby people! “What I love about Abys is….” for Your Cat Magazine

Your Cat magazine in the UK (Where Abys come from!) is doing a breed feature on Abys for an upcoming issue, and they’ve asked all Aby people to respond to the following questions and send them to Angela Kenny, Deputy Editor:

What I love about Abyssinians is….

The most interesting thing about the breed is….

I keep my cats entertained ..

I keep my cat/s in tip top condition by…

My top tip to a potential owner is…

The most challenging aspect about keeping this breed is…

If you have this breed you must have….

Any further comments/tips for anyone thinking of buying a cat ….

Other breeds that are compatible are…

I know there’s a few of you out there who have some awesome stories to tell in response to these queries!

LOL Abys: So, I made this…

This is the special kind of genius that only happens at 3am:


Aby-a-Day – July 30: Horsing around (Hipstamatic Monday)

During Jacoby and Coco’s DAY OF FUN, Jake got his first close look at a horse.


The horse couldn’t see Jake (I don’t think), but Jake could see (and smell) the horse.


Jake was pretty cool about the whole encounter (shocking, I know).


But then, we didn’t really get very close.


Stil, even when the horse moved and a new horse took its place, Jake was fine with it – not even one little hiss!

Aby Shopping: Not to toot my own horn, but…

…I’m going to toot my own horn.


I made one of these Kor water bottles for myself, and I didn’t realise at the time that it was going to be available to anyone to purchase…but, it is!


Here’s a close-up of the photo of Jacoby; I made it as large as I could on the bottle.

Kor water bottles are really awesome. I think they may be the best water bottles I’ve ever used. They have a nice handle, easy-access lid that’s attached, nice drinking opening…and this really cool thing called “stones” by which you can put a photo or any flat item under the lid where you will see it everytime you drink!

Their stones are made of some kind of waterproof paper, but they’ll have a way to customise them yourself on their site, and, they’re water-resistant, so you can laminate the photo and it’ll be fine (at least, mine are, so far). CafePress only has two colours available, Fuschia and Blue, but you can buy replacement rings and caps for the stones and adapt the colour at least a little.

What’s more, if you order before midnight PDT TONIGHT, you can get 35% off with code #TA3541120!

Speaking of shopping…OMG THIS SHIRT YOU GUYS!!!


Thanks to Donnad for the heads up! You see, I have this shirt! I got it at the TICA show in Providence back in March, and everytime I wear it, people ask me where I got it…and all I could tell them that a cat show vendor was selling them at a show I was at…which works if they’re cat show people but is pretty useless otherwise. However, thanks to Donnad, I have a link to give people!

The one thing about this shirt is that the cat’s eyes? End up right over your boobs. I make a joke of it: “Hey, my eyes are up here…oh, wait.”

Aby-a-Day – July 29: You Know You Love It

So there’s this giant noodle in Faneuil Hall.


It’s a promotion by our friends at Kraft, but all it says is “You Know You Love It.”


Well. of COURSE Jacoby and I had to grab a random Japanese tourist (they seem to take the BEST photos) and pose with the giant noodle!

Aby-a-Day – July 28 – Jacoby and Coco’s DAY OF FUN*

We played tourist yesterday, Jacoby and I, and went to historic Faneuil Hall. We had lunch with my friend Karen (who we stayed with for the Concord, NH show in May) and some of our coworkers from China. While we were there, we availed ourselves of some of the touristy fun that locals never do…


…like getting a caricature done! (HUGE thanks to Karen for taking the “behind the scenes” photos with my iPhone!)


I went up to the sketch artist, Madman With a Marker Chris Vlahakis and asked him, “Do you do cats?” “Do I do cats? he retorted.


So we sat down. This was Marker Madman Chris’ first “catacature,” and he was worried about not having pastels, but I reassured him that I could always come back.


And I will! Because now I really want to get one of both of us.


I love the back of my catacature, too. Chris wasn’t kidding when he said Jake was his first feline subject. I love that I have a little rough draft on the back of my awesome drawing!

(Also, just in case you’re reading the title and thinking “Where is that FROM”…)