Aby-a-Day – 6 April: Wordless Wednesday (It’s so shiny!)





Aby-a-Day – 25 March: The first time Strollercat went to the Apple Store (Friday Flashback)

The very first time Jacoby went to the Apple Store was back in 2011, when we went to get our brand new iPhone 3. It was a Massachusetts sales tax holiday, so everyone was trying to get a phone to save money, and we had to stand in line for a while.


That was his first, tiny stroller.


He seemed to enjoy himself.


And then, just for comparison, here we are on our most recent trip.


He still enjoys coming out on errands with me!

Aby-a-Day – 14 March: Overlook at the Apple Store (Hipstamatic Monday)

When we were at the Apple Store, of course I posed Jacoby in front of the gorgeous Apple logo on the third floor window.


It really is pretty impressive.


And it’s definitely a photo-op.


So, here’s Jake and a really enormous Apple logo.

Aby-a-Day – 13 March: Stairway to Genius

One thing the Boston flagship Apple Store is known for is its 3-story-tall spiral glass staircase.


And it is gorgeous. A bit treacherous if you’re on the small side of the steps, but it’s pretty. Apple has even patented this glass cylinder staircase design.


Jacoby thought it was pretty interesting.


He seemed to really enjoy watching people go up and down the steps.


Although I always try to remember not to wear a skirt when I go there…because reasons.


Of course there’s an elevator, too. How do you think Jake and I got to the Genius Bar on the third floor? I don’t know what I’ll do in Sweden, though. The closest Apple Store is in Helsingborg; the other two are in Stockholm and Malmö. No more walking to get my machines fixed…

Aby-a-Day – 4 March: Outside Lord & Taylor (Fashion Friday)

When we were strolling through Back Bay, Jacoby took a particular interest in the window display at Lord and Taylor.


Apparently, our Jake not only like wearing fine fashion, but he likes to look at it, too.


It’s nice to see a boycat so in touch with his inner fashionista.

Aby-a-Day – 3 March: Back in the Stroller again

Last Sunday, I needed to go to the Apple Store and it was a nice day, so I took Jacoby along with me.


I can’t remember the last time we went out to something that wasn’t a cat show. I think it may have actually been ArtBeat, last July.


Jake seemed really happy to be back in his stroller! However, that trip ended up in my MacBook Pro being sent in for repairs…and then replaced! And I only just got it back. So if you’ve been wondering where the posts have been…that’s what happened. I will be catching up over the next couple of days.

Aby-a-Day – February 28: Out and About with Strollercat (Selfie Sunday)

So the display on my MacbookPro was acting up…and, as any owner of an Apple product knows, this can mean only one thing…a trip to the Genius Bar!


Since it’s been crazy warm in Boston lately – especially for February! – I took my buddy Jacoby with me to reacquaint Boston with Strollercat.


Here we are on Boylston Street…in February…without even a jacket on!