Gun-Hee then and now

I got a photo of Gun-Hee in a cat bed, a lot like one Sherry sent me when he was 5 weeks old and we had to decide between him and his brother Rusty.

So of course I had to put them together:

And now…

…After two days out on the T and at the park, this is Gun-Hee right now.

…Can you say, “crash?”

More of Gun-Hee in the park

More photos from Gun-Hee’s day in the park.

Spring has sprung

Gun-Hee went to the park both yesterday and today. Finally, we’re getting wonderful spring-like weather in Boston (and about time, too).

Here’s Gun-Hee with some pretty springtime flowers…

Gun-Hee and the sunset

We went to Somerville yesterday…I took the plastic down off the windows and opened the windows for the first time since November.

Gun-Hee had never seen my place with open curtains, let alone with the windows open to the breeze and the sound of birds chirping. He loved it.

Gun-Hee on the T

It was 70° in Boston today! I needed to run some errands, and the weather was just too nice to leave a certain kitten at home, so…I took him with me. We took a walk along the Boston Harborwalk…he did so well! We ran into four Labs and even that didn’t faze him…much. The puppy kind of set him off (and it was kind of cute, because they were about the same age)…but Gun-Hee held his own, hissed and spit at little Bailey, and Bailey didn’t do that again. Good kitten!

Gun-Hee loves riding the T. It’s amazing…you can see how comfortable he is on the trains now. Here’s a couple of photos of us…

The flash was too close, so this looked better in black and white.

This was taken without the flash…and it was a little blurry. So I took care of that.
But he’s really kissing me in this photo…awwww…

A singulair sensation

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work, a commercial for Singulair came on TV. Now, in this commercial, there is a kitten, and on our TV, the kitten is about the same size as Gun-Hee.

The kitten on the TV is playing with cherries. So, of course, Gun-Hee had to play with them, too…