Gun-Hee then and now

I got a photo of Gun-Hee in a cat bed, a lot like one Sherry sent me when he was 5 weeks old and we had to decide between him and his brother Rusty.

So of course I had to put them together:

And now…

…After two days out on the T and at the park, this is Gun-Hee right now.

…Can you say, “crash?”

More of Gun-Hee in the park

More photos from Gun-Hee’s day in the park.

Spring has sprung

Gun-Hee went to the park both yesterday and today. Finally, we’re getting wonderful spring-like weather in Boston (and about time, too).

Here’s Gun-Hee with some pretty springtime flowers…

Gun-Hee and the sunset

We went to Somerville yesterday…I took the plastic down off the windows and opened the windows for the first time since November.

Gun-Hee had never seen my place with open curtains, let alone with the windows open to the breeze and the sound of birds chirping. He loved it.

Gun-Hee on the T

It was 70° in Boston today! I needed to run some errands, and the weather was just too nice to leave a certain kitten at home, so…I took him with me. We took a walk along the Boston Harborwalk…he did so well! We ran into four Labs and even that didn’t faze him…much. The puppy kind of set him off (and it was kind of cute, because they were about the same age)…but Gun-Hee held his own, hissed and spit at little Bailey, and Bailey didn’t do that again. Good kitten!

Gun-Hee loves riding the T. It’s amazing…you can see how comfortable he is on the trains now. Here’s a couple of photos of us…

The flash was too close, so this looked better in black and white.

This was taken without the flash…and it was a little blurry. So I took care of that.
But he’s really kissing me in this photo…awwww…

A singulair sensation

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work, a commercial for Singulair came on TV. Now, in this commercial, there is a kitten, and on our TV, the kitten is about the same size as Gun-Hee.

The kitten on the TV is playing with cherries. So, of course, Gun-Hee had to play with them, too…

Gun-Hee has fans!

This is an email I got from a friend who works for a company we work with:

I have to tell you, I have a network of cat lovers.

They are following Gun-hee’s journal and he has fans all the way to Tennessee! (Hope you don’t mind).

Also, they are checking out your store. So far, very interested in the Gun-hee TShirt on the T!
Who knew this little cat could warm so many hearts?

If you’re one of those members of Gun-Hee’s fanclub, welcome!

Gun-Hee in the Sun

Sometimes, Gun-Hee is just too photogenic for words.

Gun-Hee Chases His Tail

A non-video version of Gun-Hee chasing his tail:







This image is one of the ones I have available in my CafePress shop.

Mommy’s Little Helper

An Abyssinian is so handy to have around the house. They help you with absolutely everything!

Look at how he helps to make the bed…

Gun-Hee takes a Harborwalk

A couple of weeks ago, on a rare warm (ie, over 50°) day, we took Gun-Hee out to Rolling Bridge Park on Boston’s HarborWalk.

<lj-cut text="Come for a walk with Gun-Hee!"

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I just opened my CafePress store. It’s small right now; I can only offer one of each item until I upgrade. But I want to see how it does first…There are only a few images right now, but there are two different images of Gun-Hee (riding the T and chasing his tail), plus some of Tessie and Kylie.
So please…go take a look and see what you think:

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Bad Kitten Rising

In the morning, while I’m getting ready for work, Gun-Hee tends to get on a special kind of roll.

From going on top of the computer to play with the cherry blossoms…

To playing in the sink while I’m trying to brush my teeth. Funny how he doesn’t mind getting wet if he’s the one initiating it!

In the hallway

Gun-Hee has a bad habit of running into the hallway when I open the door. Granted, it could be a lot worse; he’s only getting out into a hallway, and not, say, a busy street. But still, it’s something he really shouldn’t be doing unless he’s on his leash.

The only problem is, he’s so damn cute when he runs out there.

First, he has himself a good stretch and a scratch

All in the Family

I got this email from Sherry, Gun-Hee’s breeder.

Gun-Hee’s Uncle Whitey still chases his tail sometimes – he even goes to the top of the cat tree on the circle, practically at the ceiling, and does chases his tail – makes me a bit nervous! (I had to write back with !!! Gun-Hee does that at the top of one of our shorter cat towers! I just haven’t managed to record it yet.)

She continued: As I was reading your email, Gun-Hee’s brother, Rusty, was sitting here on the dining room table looking at the computer. Then I opened the art work picture you sent of Gun-Hee, and when Rusty saw that, he actually recognized it was cats – he touched the screen – I said “That’s your brother Gun-Hee!” Pretty amazing, it wasn’t even like a natural looking photograph. Smart critters, aren’t they?

I wonder if Rusty knew it was an Aby, or a relative?

Gun-Hee on the Lamb

We’ve been ordering groceries online from Peapod and getting them delivered. This works well, but sometimes not seeing exactly what you’re buying leads to some surprises. Over the weekend I was shopping and noticed that they had Australian Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb (5-7lbs ) legs of lamb on sale. Well, I like lamb, it was an excellent price ($1.99 per pound!), we have one of those food sealers and room in the freezer and the leg has less fat to cut off than other cuts. So I ordered one.

I wasn’t really prepared for how huge this thing was going to be. It was closer to the 7lbs than the 5, and I swear it was as big as the cats. And as for semi-boneless? It had an entire hip joint and part of a femur, so I can only guess the “semi” referred to the fact that the bones had been cut. It was also sheathed in a half-inch of solid fat; yes, the leg is a leaner cut, but it’s not fat-free…the fat is just all on the outside and easier to remove. So I got out a knife and just went for it.

It took me about twenty minutes to trim the fat and carve the thing up into freezable meal-sized portions. As soon as I unwrapped it, Gun-Hee was swarming (if you don’t think a single cat can swarm, you’ve never seen a determined Abyssinian) so I locked him up in his show cage. He kept meowing as I cut, with different tones, volumes and inflections, and I couldn’t resist translating, “Hey, I’m in here! Remember the kitten? Yep, still in the cage. Hey wait, where’s the kitten? Oh, right, still in the cage. What are: the plugged-in iron, your mom’s birthday, and a kitten in a cage? Things you better not forget! You guys? You are gonna let me out of here, right? Mom! Mom? You know I’m in here, right?”

I managed to cut myself while dealing with a particularly nasty bit of fat, but didn’t want to deal with it til I’d finished with the meat. Once all the packaged future meals were safely in the freezer, and the small pieces I wanted to eat were set aside, I turned on the Foreman Grill and went to the bathroom to get a Band-Aid…not realising that Gun-Hee had been let out of the cage. Next thing I hear is a loud crash, and then, “Sweetie! Gun-Hee has your meat!”

“Wait…I’m putting a Band-Aid on…what?”
“Gun-Hee took your meat and he’s running around with it!”

I finish my first aid and go into the living room, where Gun-Hee is crouched under the coffee table with the largest piece of lamb. I take it away from him and go into the kitchen, where I find the other pieces of my dinner on the floor. I’d had them on a paper plate in the centre of the stove, on top of the broiler pan that lives there part time, while the Foreman was heating up. The crash was the broiler pan reacting to the introduction of a 6½ month old carnivorous force of nature landing on it and then using it as a launching pad. Gun-Hee goes back into his cage, I rinse off the meat and pop it onto the grill…and I’m just laughing the entire time.

“Why did you leave the meat out like that?” My husband asked.
“I needed to get a Band-Aid on…and it was just there for a second while the grill was heating!” I said.
“Well, you should have known Gun-Hee’d go straight for it!”
“Yeah, well…I hadn’t realised you’d let him out…” then I collapse in giggles again. “You know, he took the biggest of all the pieces, right?”

My husband laughs too. “He took off with it, too.”
“He didn’t eat any of it though. He just grabbed it and ran off!”
“What was he thinking? He can’t have thought he’d get away with that!”