Angel-a-Day: October 23

Angel loves to bask in the sun on our bed.

Angel-a-Day: The Return

I’m full of fail – I know. Somehow in August I got backlogged on photos, and somehow just…never caught back up.

I don’t think I can back-post 2+ months of photos, but I can start back up as of today.

So, without futher ado…

A little project I’m working on – a stuffed Angel! So far, all I’ve got done is her head…


So Jake’s home from his surgery…and you wouldn’t know anything had happened to him. According to the vet, as soon as he came out of the anaesthesia he started demanding to be fed with a rather strident meow.

That’s my boy.

I picked him up, and he wanted OUT of his carrier. I let him out, as I always do, at the elevator so he could walk to our apartment…he ran to the door, I let him in, went back to grab the groceries, and he snuck back out and ran around the rest of the hallway! He also ate a full meal, attacked Angel, and tried to jump into a cupboard.

I guess no one told him he’d had major surgery.

He’s a character. The vet’s office staff told me he was very entertaining all day. Yep, that’s my boy.

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He’s a big boy now…

Took Jacoby to the vet this morning for his neutering. It was cold and rainy, so I put Gun-Hee’s fleece on him. I wanted to put on the little raincoat I got at Old Navy last year, but it was too small! Like Gun-Hee and Angel, he doesn’t mind wearing jackets. Turned out to be a good thing he had one on, too, because the bus I was planning to take never showed up, and we ended up standing outside for 15 minutes. We finally got there at 9:25.

While he was under anaethesia, I had them microchip him, do baseline bloodwork (so we’ll know what his “normal” kidney and liver functions are in the future), and give him a preventative fluoride treatment. I was planning on chipping him anyway, but the bloodwork was only $30 and the fluoride only $15 – well worth it, I think, especially since Abyssinians are especially prone to dental disease.

They just called me at 11:23 to tell me he was already finished and waking up. That was fast! Poor little guy will be bored all afternoon because I can’t get him til after 5.

And tomorrow is his 6 month birthday.

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Jacoby Update

He just went poop…and it thumped!

The Flagyl is working his magic! No more diarrhea!

$175 and a change of shirt later…

Jake’s got Giardia. Which is a relief; he gets Flagyl for a couple of weeks, he gets probiotics and special gasto-intestinal cat food, and most likely he’ll be healthy enough to keep his neutering appointment next week.

However, to confirm the Giardia diagnosis, we had to get a fecal sample, and since I can’t easily drop one off today due to a dentist appointment, the vet decided to “get” the sample.

Oh, we got a sample, all right. On the swab, on the table, on my hand and on my shirt. I had to borrow a scrub top to get home in!

I’m so relieved, though, that it turned out to be simple and treatable. I’ve had Giardia myself (and I have the Giant Microbe to prove it), so I know what it’s like. Poor little guy!

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