Angel-a-day/85 of 365

Angel and Tessie bonding

Like son, like father

Yesterday, Gun-Hee’s breeder Sherry called me.

Gun-Hee’s father, Pellburn Scarface Cat Pacino, aka Scar, died two weeks ago. He accidentally got outside and was hit by a car.

So now, Gun-Hee, his brother Rusty, their mother Amber and their father Scar are all dead within the space of a year. And I’m sad because we always said maybe we would adopt another of Scar’s sons someday. Now we never can. He was only 3-1/2; years old, a little older than Kylie.

The whole family, apart from Gun-Hee’s two sisters and Uncle Whitey…gone.

Angel-a-day/84 of 365

Close up of Angel in the morning

Angel-a-day/83 of 365

Angel looks up.

Angel-a-day/82 of 365

Angel has an airline-approved carrier, but she doesn’t like to be closed inside it. Then I found the Fundle. If there’s a way to take Angel on outings in summer, this seems like the way to do it. And she really does like it!

But the most amusing aspect is that the Fundle is entirely a Korean invention[Fundle] is the comfortable, safe and convenient hands free pet carrier [pet sling]. Especially designed for dogs, it can also be used for cats, rabbits, ferrets and other pets. Don’t need to leave your pet at home when you go out! Pets feel secure, loved and comforta. It is a well-being product intensify skill fashion factor so it is able to match user’s fashion.

I got the one with lavender stars because her nametag is a purple star.

Angel-a-day/81 of 365

Angel does this thing I call “sleep grooming.”

It’s especially cute when she does her toes.

Angel-a-day/80 of 365

For some reason, Angel decided that my laundry was her personal toy.

Angel, no! Is my longsleeved tee!

Angel-a-day/79 of 365

Angel adopted this little crocheted bed. Which is awesome, since it’s just her size.

Angel-a-day/71 of 365

I call this her Godfather “make me an offer I can’t resist” pose.

Angel-a-day/66 of 365

A little grooming in the sunshine.

Angel-a-day/64 of 365

Angel’s chin acne has recently gotten much, much better.
She has barely any black dirts anymore.

Angel-a-day/61 of 365

Angel shows off her prodigious tongue.