Aby-a-Day – April 30: Wordless Wednesday (Good morning, Handsome Panther)





Aby-a-Day – April 29: “Just keep swimming” (Cartoon Tuesday)

Abyssinians are more interested in water than most cats. They aren’t the only breed to be water babies, of course, but they’re less afraid of getting wet than your average cat.


This is based on a photo of an Aby swimming in the Black Sea that was posted on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club. I wish the water around here was warmer (and cleaner!) – I wonder if Jacoby would like to add swimming to his repertoire?

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – April 28: The cat’s pajamas (Hipstamatic Monday)

Abyfriend Kim sent me a care package from Canada that arrived just in time for the final Olympic hockey games a couple of weeks ago.


In the box (which included Jacoby’s mittens and his Olympic shirt), were a pair of pink pajama bottoms with grey cat faces printed all over them.


Jake was not sure about all these cat heads on my lap.



He kept trying to settle onto my lap but just couldn’t seem to relax.


He just couldn’t seem to get comfortable.


I think he didn’t like all the little kitty faces staring at him.



He finally managed to find a comfortable position.



But he was still restless.



I think all the staring disembodied kitty heads must be kind of creepy to cats…kind of like how a bedsheet covered with scary clown heads would be to us!

Aby-a-Day – April 27: Ears the thing…

Sometime in the past year or so, I’ve noticed Jacoby has these spots on his ears.


I’m not sure when they first appeared; just one day I noticed they were there. And they’re only on his ears, no where else on his body. Just the ears.


Jake does have a chronic yeast infection issue inside his ears which crops up every few months and is treated with Tresaderm, but this doesn’t seem to be related to that.


I thought it might be, at first, though. I thought they were bald spots, so I thought that perhaps they were caused by him scratching or shaking his ears. But the spots aren’t actually hairless.


If you look very closely, you can see that the spots do have hair on them. Well, as much hair as the parts of his ears without the spots. They seem to be more depigmented than they are hairless, sort of like reverse freckles. Curious, I did a Google search for bald spots on cats’ ears, and I found this article on The Cat Site about a 4 year old Aby boy with the exact same problem!

Look at this photo of his ears! They look just like Jake’s ears!

Unfortunately, this person hasn’t got any more answers than I have. The best advice I’ve had so far about how to take care of these depigmentation spots?


A brown eyeliner pencil to cover up the pale spots! This won’t cure it, of course…but I’ll try it next weekend at the cat show.

Aby-a-Day – April 26: “Ink” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Ink.”

I found this tattoo picure on Pinterest while looking for other people’s Aby tattoos…I think it’s marvelous.

And of course there’s my friend Sanna-Leena’s Aby tattoo

And the tattoo I saw at a TICA show

The idea I have is semi-realistic, but not photographic – something of a cross between the two shown above. I need to find a good artist to do this…I may have to go back to San Francisco to get it! I have a scar on my forearm where a mole was removed, so that’s where I’d like this to go. I’m planning it for next year, when I turn 50.

Aby-a-Day – April 25: Easter through the years (Friday Flashback)

Jacoby’s always enjoyed Easter eggs. I think it may be because his birthday falls right around Easter.



He was actually born after Easter, which fell on 12 April in 2009. This was his first Easter egg, 4 April 2010.


In 2011, Easter was usurped by Kylie’s birthday, as both were on 24 April (note the brown paws in the upper left corner).



But in 2012, Jake got a box of Mycrobe’s needle-felted Easter Eggs!


And last year, Jake and Tessie had leopard-print eggs with treats inside.




My favourite Aby Easter photos, though, are these of Gun-Hee as a kitten, playing with eggs that are just so HUGE compared to him!

Aby-a-Day – April 24: Recycle ride

Even though we no longer live close to the garbage and recycle room, Jacoby still likes to come with me when I take out the trash.


We have this canvas basket that we use to carry the recycles to the bins. It sits by the door and collects the recycles during the day, and when Jake sees that I’m about ready to take them out, he waits in the basket, too. Obviously, I can’t leave without him if he’s in the basket!


He just sits in there and waits for me to take him on a ride.


I have never known a cat who loved to ride in and on things as much as Jake does!


Curiously, he only likes to ride in the basket on the way to the bins, when it’s full.


On the way back from the garbage room, Jake prefers to walk.



He already knows where our new apartment is, too.


Here’s our door! Let’s go in!