Aby-a-Day – 14 September: Gun-Hee’s 12th Birthday

This Sunday, 16 September, would have been Gun-Hee’s 12th birthday.


These photos are from his first and only birthday in 2007.


I had gotten these balloons from some sort of work-related function. I brought them home to see if Gun-Hee would enjoy them.


As you can see, he did!


Compared to Jacoby, Gun-Hee was far more agile. He could jump very high and often would leap onto your shoulder.


He also tended to stand on his back legs more than Jake ever does.


Even though he’s been gone 10 years, I will never forget him. Happy birthday, Gun-Hee.

Aby-a-Day – 11 August: Thank heaven for little girls!

Yesterday was Lorelai’s six-month birthday!

When this little girl joined our family, she was like a beam of joyful sunshine piercing through dark stormclouds. We had intended her to be a show partner for Logan, and decided to get her before we realised he was sick. Her pickup day was a little less than a month after we lost Logan, and we did wonder if it was too soon. We know FIP isn’t contagious, but we cleaned everything anyway; we just wondered if it was too soon for us to deal with a new kitten so soon after dealing with two deaths.


We should never have worried. From the moment we saw her in Eva’s motorhome, she loved us. She came into our home like she had always been there, purring and playing. She never had a litterbox issue, never hid or cried or seemed to miss her siblings or mother at all. She’s a happy, loving, active, fearless little cat, with a good-natured, sunny personality. She’s perfect.


Happy half-birthday, little girl!

Happy 15th Birthday, Tessie!

It’s hard to believe that Tessie turns 15 years old today! She is still doing well in Boston.


She’s slowing down a little and she can’t jump the way she used to. She also has a little limp, which may be arthritis. And the brown spot on her right eye (which she has had for at least 10 years) is getting bigger. Apart from all that, she is very healthy and active!


Happy birthday, Tessie-bell!

Aby-a-Day – 26 July: My big little boy

Today is Izaak’s six-month birthday. He’s old enough to be an apprentice, now.


Despite the fact that Zak is 12 days older than Lorelai, she is bigger than he is. I call him her “big little brother.”


Of course, to Alfred, Zak is almost like having Logan back.


Not exactly, but almost.


What’s clear is, Freddy has an attachment to the Singapura face.




And Zak clearly likes Freddy back…but it’s not the endless, “brothers from another mother,” love.


And part of that is the fault of Rory, since she and Zak are close in age, the way Freddy and Logan were close in age. Actually, Rory and Zak are closer: Freddy and Logan were 33 days apart, more than twice the difference between Zak and Rory.


But of course the dynamic between Zak and Rory is different. For one thing, they can never be “brothers” from another mother, because Rory is a sister. But they aren’t even like siblings at all. These two are more like…friends.


Definitely not sibling-like behaviour.


Ehrm…Next slide, please?


But the truth is, Zak is the bridge between Freddy’s generation and Rory’s. At least, I like to think of it like that.


Stay classy, Zak.

Aby-a-Day – 11 June: “Half-way happy” birthday

Today is the day we celebrate Angel’s birthday. If her breeder is who we think she is, then Angel’s birthday is actually the 4th of July, angel11bdayC06241


Even though I have my (well-supported) suspicions as to Angel’s origins, we still celebrate her birthday on 11 June.


I made the usual cat food can cake…except I hadn’t any of the solid heart-shaped Poesie cat foods on hand. I only had the mushy “in sauce” variety (because we get it as free samples at cat shows). But we made it work.


Angel, however, was a bit intimidated by the flame on the candles. Or she was upset that food wasn’t being presented in the designated food place. Not sure which.


However, once the candles were out, Angel was all about eating her cake.




Hey! It’s hard to eat with only three teeth, okay?!


So, stuff it, right?


Happy 11th birthday, Angel!

Aby-a-Day – 1 June: Rory and Rudolf (Fashion Friday)

As my regular readers know, I am a big fan of Lisa Larson, especially her cats.


So, for my birthday, Björn managed to find me a Japanese Lisa Larson plush Rudolf!


I joke that it is clearly an Abyssinian; he’s brown, with clear banding.




Lorelai can’t quite decide how she feels about Rudolf.


It’s a funny thing, the way the Japanese have embraced Lisa Larson’s cats, and yet it isn’t at all. They have co-opted Finland’s Moomins to the point where I legit thought Moomins were Japanese before Sanna-Leena set me straight.


But the Lisa Larson obsession, especially her cats, makes complete sense. Lisa’s round, friendly cat faces are right up Japan’s alley.


A match made in heaven, one might say.


Don’t worry…no Lisa Larson Japanese cat plushies were harmed in the making of this post.

Happy 13th Birthday, Kylie!

Today is Kylie’s 13th birthday! She and Tessie are still living happily in Boston. They’re a bit older, but doing well.