The food you’re not supposed to eat just tastes better…

I caught Gun-Hee eating out of the extra food storage bin yesterday.

Bear in mind that this food is exactly the same as the food in the feeder on the floor…


Evidently, the food in the storage bin just tastes better that the food on the floor.

Hilarious Japanese Aby Video

I have no idea, because I can read Korean, but not Japanese…

I found another one by the same person, with the same Abys…

OOooh…and another one!

Gun-Hee’s 4th CFA Show

Sunday was Veteran’s Day. It was also a one-day CFA cat show in Hudson, MA
Gun-Hee was seen by six different judges, but he was still an Open (an untitled purebred), and he wasn’t marked higher than the Premier and Grand Premier he was competing against. That’s all right, though; it was great experience for him, and after this show, he is a titled purebred. He is now Premier Pellburn’s Prince Gun-Hee. And that is not bad at all.

Here’s Gun-Hee with the two other Abys in Premiership, Pr Jadecat’s Sugar Magnolia
(a girl two months older than Gun-Hee) and GPr Santgria’s Don Giovanni (a boy a year older than Gun-Hee).

Here he is being judged by Norm Auspitz, the author of CFA’s Abyssinian Breed Article.
More of Gun-Hee’s day in Hudson.

More of Gun-Hee’s domestic help

Not only does Gun-Hee like helping me with the laundry, but he also loves to help empty the dishwasher. I mean, okay, the laundry, I can see the appeal there: it’s warm and soft! But the dishwasher is cold and slightly damp.

It is, however, shiny.

I’ve done the bottom so far, but not the top rack.

So much for virtually spotless…

Gun-Hee loves to help around the house!

When I do laundry, he’s right there, sprawling all over the warm clothes fresh from the dryer!

Gun-Hee goes out walking

Gun-Hee walking home along the Harborwalk.

This is pretty much realtime…I trimmed a bit off to make it fit the music, but apart from that, it’s roughly 6 solid minutes of how Gun-Hee walks when we go out.

More photos of Gun-Hee in his coat

Last weekend, when it finally stopped raining, I took Gun-Hee out for his first walk wearing his parka.

In his carrier before going outside…

Outside on the grass…it was a little chilly,
and I think he was glad to be wearing his coat.
I forgot about the time change, too; it was already getting dark when we went out.