Aby-a-Day – 4 Juni 2020: Izaak vs the sheepskin (Thursday Things)

We have some sheepskin circles on our sofa cushions, because they look nice and they happened to be the exact same colour as the sofa. Then, when Björn’s mother died, we got a grey sheepskin patchwork square. We keep it at the end of the sofa, and the cats like to nap on it.


Except Izaak.


He’s got a different relationship with the sheepskin square.



He likes to randomly attack it and kick its guts out.


But look in the background, at Lorelai.


Wait, what?



Look at Rory, flying over the sofa and Zak’s battle with the sheepskin square.


Did that just happen?


Hm. Well. Back to grooming and fighting with the sheepskin square, then.

Aby-a-Day – 31 Maj 2020: Izaak in the Duvet Cover (Silly Singapura Cinema Sunday)

The funniest, cutest thing happened this morning.


Izaak got inside Björn’s duvet cover and was trying to get to me for a cuddle. He got his head through the hand hole…and then got stuck.


Which is funny, because I always thought that if a cat could get his head through a hole, the rest of the body would fit, too. Apparently, not so much.

I had to make a video of him for Björn, who was making his breakfast and couldn’t come to see Zak in the duvet. I thought you all would like to see it, too.

Aby-a-Day – 30 Maj 2020: Angel and the tree battle, round three (Silly Saturday)

Angel has sort of claimed the top of the cat tree as her own, but as I have previously posted, Izaak has been challenging her for control of the top. But a new challenger approaches: Lorelai. Seems she was napping on the top of the cat tree when Angel wanted to be up there.


But whilst Angel is attempting to deal with Rory, a complication presents itself…


…Dashiell got up on the tree, too.


I don’t think Dash realised what he was getting into.



I think he thought he was just getting on the cat tree to play with Angel and Rory.


I think he was wrong. Angel was determined to oust Rory from the top of the cat tree.


Using as much force as necessary.



Finally, Angel managed to evict Rory from the top of the cat tree.


(A close-up of the ousting.)


Rory’s disinvitation made Dash abandon the tree-ship as well.



Angel was careful to make sure that all the younger cats were well away.


Angel remains the Queen of the Top of the Cat Tree.

Aby-a-Day – 26 April 2020: Lorelai REALLY loves sand (Cinema Sunday)

As I posted last week, Lorelai loves the sand in the play areas in our apartment område.


The other day, Rory and Izaak helped me take out some recyclables (they love doing that, and they always know what we’re doing when they see the bags), and on the way back, we had to stop at the sand at the bottom of the slide near our building.


Once again, Rory rolled around in her beloved sand.


Zak…seemed perplexed.

I made a little video of her rolling about so you could see her in action.

Aby-a-Day – 25 April 2020: “Beep, beep. Beep, beep. His horn went, beep, beep, beep! (Silly Saturday)

The last time I took the cats outside, one of the neighbour boys was fixing a toy car for his little brother out on the lawn.


He asked me if I had a 13mm socket wrench. I don’t use those, but I know Björn has them, so I told him to wait until he got home, which was only in a few minutes.


At that point, everyone else had gone inside, and only Alfred was still outside. When the boy went to chase after his little brother, I got an idea. It took a few tries to get Freddy to pose properly (again, I was really missing Jacoby)…


…But he finally figured it out.

Aby-a-Day – 19 April 2020: “Like sands through the hourglass…” (Silly Sunday)

It’s been wicked crazy windy all week, but it finally died down enough yesterday and we were able to let the cats out for a much needed run. And of course, Lorelai had to say hello to her favourite sandy place, because she loves to play in the sand.


And when I say she loves the sand…I mean she really LOVES the sand!

Aby-a-Day – 18 April 2020: Izaak and Angel up a tree, round two (Silly Singapura Saturday)

As I posted last Sunday, Izaak and Angel’s cat tree battle has become an afternoon ritual.


Angel goes to hang out and chill on the top of the cat tree, Zak tries to unseat her, and she defends herself.


And she is 100% capable of defending herself. I mean, look at that hiss! She may have only two teeth, but this girl is FIERCE!



Angel has no problems keeping Zak in his place.


Zak attempts to take over the top again…


…but look at Angel’s cocked arm. She’s more than ready for him.


Zak makes one last half-hearted feint at Angel…


…and nearly falls out of the hole in the bottom of the house.




…and…Zak out.