Aby-a-Day – 10 November: “I haven’t taken my Christmas lights down. They look so nice on the pumpkin” (Silly Saturday)

In Sweden, Winter time starts a week before Daylight Savings ends in the States. Additionally, not having a late November holiday like Thanksgiving to mark the beginning of the “Holiday season,” Swedes tend to start thinking about Jul lights as soon as it starts getting dark early.


To that end, Björn found some pretty coloured ball lights on sale last month.


Izaak was born on 26 January, and so has never seen Christmas lights before…


…And he was fascinated by them.


Just mesmerised.


It was so cute the way he played with them.


Alfred, of course, has celebrated one Christmas already, but he was curious about the lights, too.



Somehow, he managed to get sort of entangled in them.


Only Freddy…

Aby-a-Day- 4 November: The Ministry of Silly Runs (Silly Swedish Sunday)

Izaak is so much fun to watch outside.


He loves to run so much…but he looks so goofy doing it.


He’s maturing – he’s just turned nine months old – but he has not yet shown any signs of being an entire male cat except one: he’s getting all burly and jowly. But that’s it. There’s no inappropriate play-mounting, no parading around the house, and, best of all: NO SPRAYING OR RANDOM PEEING! Even his proper litterbox pee doesn’t smell like a tomcat.



Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Mostly I am just waiting for penny to finally drop, so to speak. After all, Alfred was neutered when he was seven months old, and Logan was in diapers because he was peeing in odd places when he was about this same age. So let’s just say we’re on high alert but enjoying every pee-free day.



He has a funny bouncy run, though, and it really is amusing.


I hope he never outgrows it.


Awww…Zakky! Don’t look at me like that! We love you and your silly running. We giggle because you’re so adorable when you do it.

Aby-a-Day – 27 October: Treetop Battle (Silly Saturday)

Lorelai and Izaak love the top of the cat tree.


There’s something about the danger of being so high that they can’t resist.



Which of course means they feel the need to fight up there.


Treetop fights are pretty funny.



I mean, what are they fighting for? To knock the other one out of the tree? One is in the house, sure…but the other one is at the top.


So what’s the actual conflict?


I have no idea…but it’s a lot of fun to watch them work it out.

Aby-a-Day – 20 October: A right way and a wrong way to do things (Silly Saturday)

Sometimes cats are so funny.


Clearly, Izaak thought that this was the best way to cuddle with Alfred. It doesn’t look either cuddly or comfortable for either party…but neither of them seemed to mind.


They worked out the comfort thing eventually, though.


Lorelai and Zak never have that problem. I guess it’s a size thing.

Aby-a-Day – 13 October: “They call me baby driver, once upon a set of wheels…” (Silly Saturday)

These photos are from May, when we first got Lorelai.


She was pretty adorable riding in Jacoby’s big yellow stroller.


First we have her ridesharing with Alfred.


He was so much bigger than she was, back then.


She was really adorable in the stroller with Freddy.


But a couple of weeks later, Rory was in the stroller with Angel.


That time, she was really working the cute. Look at her chill!

Aby-a-Day – 9 October: Crossword Cats (Cartoon Tuesday)

Crossword puzzles are very popular in Sweden. There are dozens of different crossword magazines available, and all the daily newspapers also publish them. A friend sent me this one from https://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/kulturdebatt/sveriges-korsordsmakare-var-korsordstradition-ligger-snart-i-spillror/Dagens Nyheter a year ago, and I recently found it whilst I was looking for something else.

I love it, of course, because it really illustrates a FIFe show’s layout. And the breed depictions are really nicely done. I couldn’t find much out this illustration at all, sadly, but I did find the artist, Ann-Charlotte Odén, on DeviantArt, so I may send her a message asking about it.

As for the translations: The top running pair are saying, “I suggest we start a sports club for cats instead!” (He’s probably a Turkish Angora) The other cat is saying “Okay!”

“Ouch! He only had 10 points to go to 100!” says the Abyssinian.

The black silver classic tabby British Shorthair says, “That’s not the right way to hold (a cat)!” and the Cornish Rex agrees, saying, “Oj! What’s happening!?”

And the human is saying, “Ow! I pulled (a muscle) between my heel and calf!” I have no idea what that means…I suspect all of the comments are clues to the crossword puzzle itself.

Which means the answer to that last one is probably “Achilles.”

Aby-a-Day: 7 October: “Hairdressers are a wonderful breed” (Cat Show Sunday)

Today at the show was…hopeful, but ultimately uneventful. Lorelai was up for the NOM against the Russian Blue…so she didn’t get it. Oh, well. Izaak’s judge, Daria Lukasik, was from Poland, too…but she didn’t know that he was Polish until after the nominations. She was so in love with him…she threatened to put him in her bag and take him home with her. But ultimately – and it was close – he lost the NOM to a Bengal.


The nice thing about FIFe – especially if you don’t get a NOM – you have a lot of nice, relaxing downtime.


So, Zak decided to use the downtime to practise his newfound talent of…hairdressing.


“Here…you’ll look much better if I do like this…”


“There. Now you look…purrfect!”

Okay, we didn’t win this weekend…and Zak isn’t the next Vidal Sassoon…but we found a kickass Chinese Restaurant in Vårgårda