Aby-a-Day – 19 September: Wordless Wednesday (Pro photos from last weekend’s show)

Aby-a-Day – 31 August: Jacoby and his doppelganger (Friday Flashback)

Five years ago today, I posted about Jacoby and a plushie made in his likeness by Avanii on DeviantArt.


We still have both Jake and his plushie simulacrum.


I fixed the ears to make them more upright and less…floppy.


Jake seems to be slightly envious of his alter-ego…


….But he posed nicely with it when I took some five-year commemorative photos of Jake and his alter-ego.


…And…we’re done.

Aby-a-Day – 13 July: Life imitates art (Fashion Friday Flashback)

An unsung hero of cat art history is Girard “Gig” Goodenow. I can’t even find a biography of him online, but a Google search of his name will give you plenty images of his art. I had a set of four of his “Pity Kitties” with huge, sad eyes in my bedroom when I was four years old. But a few years ago I found a print of one of the series of cat prints he did for Women’s Day…the Abyssinian, of course.

Well, I finally got around to finding a frame for it, and, after I unrolled it to look at it after years of it being packed away, both Björn and I were struck by how much it looked like a portrait of…Alfred. Eerily so, considering the print is 53 years old.

So we got Freddy to pose next to his two-dimensional doppleganger.


Or, rather, I should say we tried to get him to pose. It didn’t start off well…


This is one of the best photos of them together!


At last Freddy took a good look at the portrait.


“Wow! That really kinda does look like me!”


“This is amazing..! It’s like looking in a mirror!”


I think Freddy has a new-found appreciation for vintage cat art. I wonder if this Abyssinian was based on one of Freddy’s ancestors?

Aby-a-Day – 23 May: Night light (Hipstamatic Monday)

I got this cute little rechargeable nightlight for my bed.



It’s a little round ball of light, USB chargeable, and it has the option of throwing cool or warm light.



The light is really quite nice, and it gives off no heat.



Perfect for use around cats.



One recent evening, Jacoby and I were just hanging out, and I was intrigued by his interaction with the light.



I also thought it would be interesting to see what Hipstamatic would do with the light poses.



It was not a dissapointment. Sometimes the simplest set-ups make the prettiest photos.

Aby-a-Day – 10 February: Wordless Wednesday (“Draw me like one of your French girls”)


Aby-a-Day – January 31: Cat-like texting detected (Selfie Sunday)

Not technically a selfie, per se, but definitely related.


I was messaging with Björn in the kitchen and set my phone down. Jacoby stepped on it, and typed:

olh lmnk m

And he sent it! I’m not sure how he managed to do that with his toepads, but…

jaketextIMG_2626 1

…he seemed just way too proud of himself for it to have been completely accidental! Wonder what he was trying to say?

Aby-a-Day – December 11: Angel’s third Christmas (Friday Fashion Flashback)

Last week, I shared Angel’s second Christmas, where she modelled her first Christmas outfit.


However, that year, we put up a tree and a few little things, but it wasn’t as festive as it could have been.


Angel’s third Christmas, however…


That was very Christmassy, and I pulled out all my decorations.


Some of which Angel probably liked more than others…


Still, despite having a somewhat difficult start, Angel is still all Aby when it comes to modelling outfits. Not as good as Jacoby, perhaps, but she’s a good sport.