Aby-a-Day – 11 July: Wordless Wednesday (Angel on the balcony)



Aby-a-Day – 25 May: Angel, Rory and the Frankentree (Fashion Friday)

Before I moved to Sweden, Björn had an old, beat-up, second-hand cat tree for Pyret. It was one of the first things Angel discovered when we let her out of the carrier. When my things arrived from the States, my big floor-to-ceiling tree was among them, and it was installed in the corner where the old tree had occupied. The old tree was moved to the balcony, which was scheduled to be glassed in for the cats to enjoy.


Angel was quick to claim it out there, too. But it was a little short, and I wanted the cats to be able to sit up high on the balcony, too, so I ordered this new cat tree by Dogman, a Swedish pet supply company. But when I assembled the new tree, it seemed a little sad without the cubby section, especially since it was Angel’s favourite part, and it was still perfectly good…so I got an idea.


I combined them! I took the non-worn parts of the old tree (which was probably also a Dogman tree) – the cubby, the platform and the ladder, and put them together with the new tree and created…the FrankenTree! It worked surprisingly well, and the colours combined well, too.


Angel loved it.


Logan and Alfred came along and loved it, too…and of course so does Lorelai.


(Despite the silly tongue…)


Angel didn’t really mind sharing the tree with Logan and Freddy, but what does Angel think about sharing her tree with another girl?


These Millennial kittens these days…no sense of boundaries.


Angel is not above defending her territory. Although, to be honest, I don’t think Rory even noticed that Angel took a swipe at her.


“Damn kids, get off of my tree!”

Aby-a-Day – 20 April: “Hold my hands; kiss my forehead, hug me and look in my eyes; maybe today is the last day you can do this.”

Logan did not want to leave us.


He loved our apartment and everything in it.


Logan was my little shadow. He would get up and follow me if I left the room, even if I wasn’t headed towards the kitchen. He always wanted to sleep on me, not next to me.


Jacoby hissed at him, but Logan didn’t care. He loved Jake, too.


He loved our balcony with it’s chairs and cat tree.


I am glad the weather was getting warmer so he could enjoy it again.


Logan loved being with Alfred on the balcony, of course.


He also loved this chair.


If I couldn’t find him anywhere else, I knew he’d be on his chair. Towards the end, I fed him out there, on his chair.


But mostly, he just loved being where I was.


I miss him being underfoot.


And I keep looking back at his corner of the sofa, behind me, where he loved to sleep while I worked on my computer…working on photos of him and the others, writing blog posts…I miss my small but mighty boy.