Aby-a-Day – 10 March: Be careful what you wish for…(Silly Saturday)

Every time anyone goes in or out of the apartment, Jacoby is right there at the door, wanting to go out in the hall and, ultimately, outside.


He pulled this, as usual, the other day while it snowing fairly heavily. So, okay, I thought…knock yourself out, buddy.


He struck out valiantly.


He clearly regretted his life choices almost immediately…but he wasn’t about to admit it.


He always tries to find non-snowy surfaces to walk on when he’s out in the snow, but this time he was out of luck. There was very little snowless ground for his paws.


He also didn’t enjoy the feeling of snowflakes falling on his fur.


Hey, pal, don’t look at me. You wanted to go outside.


The look on his face was so fraught with betrayal, I giggled endlessly. Which I am sure was not at all helpful in alleviating his mood.


Finally he gave up and went back inside. Of course, the lesson didn’t stick. He tried to go out again when Björn came home later that same day. Sorry, Jake…snow doesn’t melt that quickly.

Aby-a-Day – 17 February: Ministry of funny runs (Silly Saturday)

Abys run funny. I don’t know what it is…they sort of kick their backlegs out and they look like Phoebe that time she ran on Friends.


I haven’t had an Aby yet who didn’t run like this. Jacoby and Angel both run with this odd, legs-splayed running style.


And it appears that Alfred is as much of an Aby as they are.


We went outside just to take some photos, and since Freddy doesn’t feel like he needs to wear a coat, we figured he could come out with us.


I mean, we weren’t going to be outside very long, probably less than 15 minutes, so there was no point in putting a lot of effort into the going outside preparation.


And Freddy loved it.


But…he runs like a goof.


Cats are graceful animals as a whole…but there are exceptions.


Freddy is definitely among them.


Still, it is kind of refreshing that he favours enthusiasm over style. That’s nice.


That being said, I dare you to look at this photo and not giggle.

Aby-a-Day – 3 February: When you gotta go…(Silly Saturday)

When I took the boys outside in the snow the other day, Alfred did something I never thought I would see a cat do. But then Abyssinians are really surprising.


He was out playing under and amongst the snow-covered bicycles. And then suddenly, he started digging.


At first, I thought he was just playing with the snow. But then…he did that squat, and I realised what was going on. I mean, every cat owner knows that squat.


But when he was finished, he buried it really well.


Really, really well.


There was not a trace of yellow to be seen when he was finished.


At least is wasn’t Logan doing that. Freddy hasn’t anything to freeze off when he sits like that!

Aby-a-Day – 26 January: Wardrobe Rebel (Fashion Friday)

As you know, Jacoby has absolutely no problem with wearing clothing…especially if it’s his winter coat and there is snow on the ground!


Logan also has no problem wearing a coat outside when it’s cold.


Both he and Jake have figured out that going outside is fun, but being cold isn’t. Coats make outside not so cold so they can have that fun in winter.


Alfred, however…it finally snowed enough to let the kittens experience their first snow, so I took Logan and Freddy out with Jake. Freddy did not like wearing his coat. He started taking it off the minute we got outside. It was Gun-Hee’s old coat</<>, and it fit him well, but he would have none of it.



He got out of it with lightning speed.


And then he proceeded to explore this strange white stuff that covered the outside.


It was almost as though he was saying, “Screw you, I’m Swedish! I don’t need no stinkin’ coat!”


Of course, Jake is Canadian and lived in New England for most of his life, and Logan is, of course, Swedish, too…and both of them appreciate their coats.


Jake, especially. He seems a bit bemused that Freddy would shuck his coat so quickly to frolic naked in the snow.


And frolic he did. He had a blast out there!




Still, I would feel better if he could keep a coat on. Maybe I just need to try a different style.

Aby-a-Day – 8 January: The weather outside is…not that frightful, actually

Here in Skövde, there hasn’t been much snow (especially compared to back in Boston)…but here is Alfred observing his very first snowfall.

Aby-a-Day – December 29: Snö! (Cartoon Tuesday)

It finally snowed here in Skövde yesterday! Not quite a white Christmas, but close.


I’ve been drawing on my iPad again, using both Paper by 53 and Photoshop Sketch. This picture of Jacoby is actually based on the view of the first snow from Björn’s living room window. I’m pretty proud of it, since I haven’t been drawing that much lately.


Of course, I also drew this picture of Lutfisk after a traditional Christmas day dinner at Björn’s parents’ house…so don’t expect a brilliant comeback of my cartoons anytime soon…