Aby-a-Day – May 31: Go Bruins! (Fashion Friday)

The NHL Eastern Conference Finals are starting this weekend, and the Boston Bruins will be meeting the Pittsburgh Penguins to see who gets to go to the Stanley Cup.


Like any good Canadian, Jacoby is watching the playoffs.


He’s even tried to grow a playoff beard but it isn’t really working.


Go Bruins!

(In case you’re wondering, these fabulous cat trees are made by a husband and wife team here in New England using real tree stumps. They’re super sturdy and well-made, but wicked cheap. Unfortunately, they don’t have a website…but they’re awesome trees!)

Aby-a-Day – May 30: Into the sunset

On Monday, Jacoby, my husband, and I took a little walk to the Post Office and South Station.


This is one of Jake’s favourite places to walk. And who can blame him?





He gets to a point on the way home where he decides he wants to walk, and then he hops out.


He just trots along the seawall, happy as can be…

While we were walking, I made a little video; I know, I forgot to turn my iPhone sideways. Sorry about that. But you can see how he walks along until he gets tired and decides he wants to get back into his stroller!

What’s interesting is that Gun-Hee also loved to walk along this same stretch of the Harborwalk. This video is from 2007, and it’s November, not May, but you can see how similar they are.

Aby-a-Day – May 29: Wordless Wednesday (Cuddlebug)

jakecuddlebugIMG_1329 jakecuddlebugIMG_1330

jakecuddlebugIMG_1331 jakecuddlebugIMG_1332

jakecuddlebugIMG_1333 jakecuddlebugIMG_1334

jakecuddlebugIMG_1335 jakecuddlebugIMG_1336

jakecuddlebugIMG_1337 jakecuddlebugIMG_1338

jakecuddlebugIMG_1339 jakecuddlebugIMG_1340

jakecuddlebugIMG_1341 jakecuddlebugIMG_1342

jakecuddlebugIMG_1343 jakecuddlebugIMG_1344

jakecuddlebugMG_1345 jakecuddlebugIMG_1346

jakecuddlebugIMG_1350 jakecuddlebugIMG_1352

Aby-a-Day – May 28: Confident Owners and Wallflowers (Cartoon Tuesday)

During his talk at the Boston Public Library a couple of weekends ago, Jackson Galaxy described three feline personality types, or as he called it, “Cat Mojo.” The three types were the “Confident Owner,” the cat who owns the room and confidently greets and rubs up against all visitors; the “Over Owner,” the cat who is insecure and overcompensates by lashing out; and the “Wallflower,” the cat who just leaves the other types to their business and tries to blend into the background.


Jacoby and Angel very clearly fall into two of those three categories. Jackson described the Confident Owner as the feline equivalent of “a host who greets you with a trayful of mojitos,” and well…that was something that just needed to be illustrated. And Jake would totally do that, too. Angel, meanwhile…

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – May 27: Making rounds (Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby really loves to go visit his friends in the hospital.


As soon as we get close to the hospital, he gets visibly excited.


And once we’re inside, he stands as tall as he can in his stroller, as if that will make it move faster (like when you stand up when riding a bike).


“C’mon. Mom! Let’s GOoooooo!”

Aby-a-Day – May 26: City cat

Jacoby has a great sense of direction and an excellent memory.


When we’re walking home from Tufts, we get to a point on the Broadway Bridge where he knows how to get home.


And when we get to that point, he decides he can get out of the stroller and walk.


I’ll let him, if we’re not in a hurry and the weather’s okay.



I am endlessly impressed with how unaffected by traffic Jake is.


He’s grown up in a transportation nexus: Trains, planes, trucks, buses…you name it, it probably rattles, roars or whooshes through or over our intersection.


Oh, yeah, and bicycles, too.


When you look at these photos, remember that it’s impossible to set up something like this. You can’t force a cat to pose next to a busy road if he doesn’t want to.


He also gets right back into his stroller when he’s decided he’s tired of walking.


He’s a smart little guy, our Jacoby.

Abys in Need: Abadura in Pennsylvania

Okay, people…we have another one…


This is Abadura,


He is 2 1/2 yrs, neutered, front declawed. Shy at first, but very friendly. He is ok with other cats. He is not afraid of dogs. His foster home has a cat-friendly Doberman and he went up to her and was rubbing against her. He was turned into a shelter because his owners’ child was allergic.


Abadura is in northeastern PA, in the Pocono Mountains, close to New Jersey near Blairstown and Phillipsburg N.J.


I suspect that Abadura is not a pedigreed Aby, but he may be an Aby mix.


If you are interested in Abadura, or know someone who is, email Judy Burkard at jburkard@verizon.net.