Update on the Abys rescued in Rhode Island

Remember back in July when I posted about the SECOND rescue of 18 Abyssinians in Rhode Island? Well, according to this post from New England Aby Rescue (NEAR), those Abys are all at the Potter League for Animals and are are now legally free and clear to be placed with new owners as their veterinarian judges them to be healthy enough to be adopted.

The first two boys available for adoption are:


and Warner. If you are in New England and interested in either of these two young men (they are between one and two years old, the same age Angel was when I adopted her), click on their names to apply for adoption.

Abys in Need – 26 dead Abys in freezer, 18 more living in squalor…AGAIN!

This is ghastly. Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discovered 26 dead Abys in a freezer and 18 more in “very poor condition” yesterday. According to the RISPCA investigator, the surviving cats were underweight and covered in feces, but none were in such bad health that they will need to be euthanised. Well, thank StarClan for that!

But what really pisses me off is…THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME this person has done this! Eight years ago I posted about this exact same idiot who had 48 Abys, along with a corn snake, one dog, a turtle and two other household cats confiscated by the RISPCA. Just as last time, the cats are at the Potter League for Animals, so if you’re interested in helping to rescue one or more of these Abys, please contact the Potter League for Animals (Newport, RI), 87 Oliphant Lane, Middletown RI 02842, Phone: 401-846-8276, Email: info@potterleague.org. But keep in mind it will probably take some time to get them healthy enough for adoption.

Additionally, my friend Meg has started a donation page on Facebook in Cousin Taz’s memory to raise funds to help the Potter League help these Abys.

And now I need to go hug Angel.

Abys in Need: Alaska in Staten Island, NY

Okay…brace yourself. This is a really sad one. Alaska is a seven-week-old Aby kitten who was left to be euthanised at a vet’s office because of birth defects.

This is what the posting says about her: “Alaska is a 7 week old Abyssinian female kitten that was brought into my vet office to be euthanized by her breeder because of her disability. She is partially paralyzed due to a congenital defect and has some physical deformity. Because of her paralysis, she has no bowel control and needs hr bladder manually expressed. Despite all that, she is the sweetest thing and has such a thirst for love and life. If someone would be willing to put in the time she needs for her care, she would enrich anyone’s life. Please give Alaska a chance!

LOOK AT HER! Okay, so…she needs a diaper now. She could grow out of that! But she’s gorgeous! Her adoption fee is $50, and since she’s a tiny kitten (I mean, too young to be away from her mother, tiny!) she’ll need to be spayed and get her shots. She’s still a beautiful girl and she needs the right home that will nurture her special needs. And who knows, she could be the next Buzzfeed sensation.

If you have fallen in love with Alaska, contact Kate Polese at 347-286-5124 or by email through the RescueMe.org website.

Abys in Need: Piper Jane in Iowa City, IA

Another entry in the “People suck” category…

“This is Piper Jane. She is a 3 year old Abyssinian. She was rescued from a farm where she had been dumped for no fault of her own. The cattery owner no longer wanted her for breeding. Piper was near starvation when we found her, we knew she wouldn’t survive the winter. Piper has doubled her weight since her rescue. She is now current on all vaccinations and was spayed last week. She is very sweet and has an enthusiastic purr. She loves attention, but is not a lap cat. If you are interested in adopting Miss Piper please let me know.”

Really? REALLY? Dumped. On a farm. I don’t even. Hey at least she’s not declawed…

If you’re interested in Piper Jane, you can send an email through the Rescue Me website, or ring Tricia Deol on 319-541-9584.

Abys in Need: Northeast Aby Rescue (NEAR)

Filling a need that’s long needed filling, Northeast Aby Rescue (NEAR) started up early this year to rescue, foster and find homes for abandoned or otherwise needful Abyssinians and Somalis in the northeastern United States. I’m meant to be working on a logo for them, but so far have only completed a sketch…

All of these lovely Abyssinians (and one Somali) are currently available:

Sasha age 13 in Chicago, IL; ruddy female with special needs (blind). Adoption Pending

Cri Cri

Cri Cri age 12 in Chicago, IL; ruddy male. Adoption Pending

Darby age 6 in Philadelphia, PA; red female. Adopted Today!

Downton Abby

Downton Abby age 12 in Washington, DC; red female.

Elsa age 10 near Hartford, CT; black silver female. Speacial needs: No other female cats.


Eilonwy age 3 in Philadelphia, PA; red Somali female with special needs (urinary). Adopted Today!

Abys in Need: Rummy in East Falmouth, MA

It’s weird, but it seems as though there have been a LOT of rescue Abys showing up in New England lately.

“Rummy is a stunningly elegant purebred Blue Abyssinian male. Rummy is short for Rumbullion, which is his official name. This sweetheart is 4 years old, absolutely elegant and handsome, and one of the sweetest cats at the shelter. True to his breed, his stature is long and lean, with ticked reddish-colored fur with blue undertones, erect prominent ears, and big expressive golden eyes. Rummy came to the shelter because he has very severe food allergies that his previous owners could not control, because he kept getting into the dog’s food and their toddler shared human food with him. The allergy manifests itself as a very severe skin condition, which can be controlled by a strict diet of prescription food and nothing else. Is he worth this little bit of trouble? You bet. Rummy is exceptionally friendly, reaches out for you with his paw to say “Hi”, purrs up a storm, and will climb up on you to get more one-on-one time. This guy is a total charmer. We are looking for a very special home for this boy. Rummy needs to go to a family that is familiar with the breed, he must be the only pet, and the family should not have small children who want to share their food with him. Additionally, Abyssinians need a lot of attention from their owner, so he is not a cat for someone who is gone large parts of each day. If you are interested in meeting this gorgeous boy, why not come by the shelter during adoption hours or call to make an appointment.”

People for Cats
Phone: 508-540-5654
Shelter address : 44 Beagle Lane East Falmouth, MA 02536
Email: pfcbeagleln@aol.com

Abys in Need: Rocko in Acushnet, MA

Another homeless Abyssinian right in my own back yard, I’m afraid.

Rocko is 7 years old. Male purebred Abyssinian. He has a big personality but lovable.

If you are interested in adopting Rocko, please call 508-994-0220 or e-mail cricket13@comcast.net.

Rocko is available through C.A.R.E. Center for Animal Rescue & Education in Acushnet, MA and is eligible for their Senior for Senior Program; he can be adopted for a reduced fee to seniors over age 55.”

And look! He even likes to dress up!!

Abys in Need – Rocky in PA and Two Gentlemen in the UK

A couple of Abys need homes…first this fine American fellow:

“This is Rocky, he is available for adoption through Northeast Abyssinian Rescue. I am fostering him in the greater Philadelphia area. He is a beautiful boy full of Abytude who loves to give me lots of head bumps and purrs. He is a bit on the high strung side and will do best in an adult only home or one without small children. His thoughts on dogs are unknown. He enjoys visits from my Abys so I believe he will do fine with other cats. He is 7 years old, just had a dental and is in good health. If you’re interested in Rocky please email us at NEAbyRescue@yahoo.com and we will send you an application.”

And then, in England, we have these two elderly gents:

“Two 15 year old neutered males desperately needing a new home.

There are two 15 year old Abys in very urgent need of a new home as their owner is getting remarried and his new partner is allergic to cats. The Abys are currently in a cattery awaiting their new home. One is blue and one is sorrel. One has IBS well controlled with diet, and the other arthritis. The cats are in Gloucestershire, but the owner is prepared to deliver them if necessary.

If you feel you could offer these two a home for their retirement, please contact the Abyssinian Club Welfare Officer, Harriet, by e-mail: welfare@charriet.co.uk or ring her on 0208 669 1655

Abys in Need – Alexy is still in Salisbury, MA

You may recall that last week, I posted about poor, 10 year old Alexy, whose family moved to England.

Well, she’s still there. According to the email I got via the Adopt-an-Aby network: “Alexy is a ten-year old, female, purebred Abyssinian. She was given up for adoption on May 2nd or 3rd because her family moved to England. Alexy had only lived with this one family during her lifetime and has not adjusted well to being at the shelter. She is a sweet, gentle cat, but is quite unhappy. She is in a cage all the time with little room to move around and cowers at the back of the cage when approached. The shelter had been told by the family that Alexy was friendly, social, and healthy.

She is at the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society (MRFRS), 63 Elm Street (Rt. 110), Salisbury, MA 01952, Telephone (978) 462-0760. Her photo and information regarding her are not included on their website which shows the cats at the shelter available for adoption.”

Come on, New England! Doesn’t anyone want an Aby?

Abys in Need – Alexy in Salisbury, MA

Poor Alexy!

Alexy is currently at the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society in Salisbury, MA. I get a lot of people asking me where they can find a rescue Aby in New England…well, here’s your chance!

“This beautiful girl is a purebred Abyssinian. She lived the entire 10 years of her life in a home so she’s a little scared to be here at the shelter. Nonetheless she’s very sweet, quiet and loves attention. Her loving family is moving out of the country and are not able to take their beloved kitty with them. She is a beautiful, healthy, girl of 10. Alexy is very friendly and social and would love to find another loving home that could keep forever this time!”

According to the rescue, her humans are moving to the UK and either can’t or don’t want to put her through the move. Which is sad, but in this case understandable: even though the animal importation laws aren’t as harsh as they used to be, they’re still fairly strict.

You can fill out an adoption application online, visit the shelter in person (they are located at 63 Elm Street, Salisbury, MA 01952) during their adoption hours, which are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 11am – 4pm, Thursdays 4pm – 7pm, and closed on Sundays and Mondays), contact them through their Facebook page or through Petfinder or you can phone them at 978-462-0760.

Aby-a-Day – April 9: Sophie Hunts with StarClan

Sad news yesterday…


As you know, Sophie the Abyssinian started a worldwide effort to raise funds to try to save her life when she contracted a mysterious blood disease (we still don’t know what actually caused her illness). She was in the veterinary hospital over the weekend and finally rallied enough to return home. However, it wasn’t enough, and she relapsed. Yesterday, her human Steve updated Sophie’s GoFundMe page with this:

“Things are looking bleak for Sophie’s long term survival. She is peaceful now and seemed to have had a nice evening. She seemed to enjoy watching her sister Phoebe and her great aunt Lucy play with a feather toy. They would stop from time to time to wash Sophie’s head. Sophie has a vet appointment this morning and unless he tells me something different we will be saying goodbye. I will be posting more later on Facebook when I can bring myself to.

Some of you continue to contribute and We really are grateful. If I have any extra my plan is to take Lucy and Phoebe (the other two Abys) in for a check up. The will be donated to one of the few no-kill cat shelters we have here. I will update everyone layer once I know more.

Sophie put up a brave fight, if she wasn’t so young this wouldn’t be I so tragic. I will push this forward someday when I am back on my feet financially. We are so very grateful for all the love and support all of you have given us.”


And then, a little later, he told the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club:

“Sophie passed on to the rainbow bridge at 10:55AM Pacific time. It was very peaceful . I will post more later when I am more composed”

No one wanted to hear that, of course. Sophie united a world of Abyssinian lovers. In a week, $4,715 was donated from literally all over the globe to help save this little cat’s life – people sent money in from Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, the UK, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, and all over North America (and many other places I’m sure I’ve missed). We all had so hoped she would survive.

Sophie’s human, Emily, posted this tribute to Sophie yesterday:

“Dear Sophie,
The long hard fight you fought is over, and its time for the warrior to rest.
Your spirit was too strong to be trapped in a failing body any longer, so we chose to set your spirit free.

No one could have fought harder than you did, but now it’s time to rest my brave one.
Mom’s Baby Cakes, Steve’s Coco, Ivan’s Beeper, and my Herman are all waiting to greet you on the other side of the bridge. You’ll find that they left your Batmobile parked on this end of the bridge. The keys are in the ignition, and there’s a jar of baby food in the glove box. Until we meet again remember that you are loved.

Love, Your Humans, and TEAM SOPHIE
PS Please let Herman drive the Bat mobile, he always loved car rides.
Love you baby girl!”

And Michelle Barr created this tribute to Sophie:

Jacoby and I (and many others around the world) are wearing black today in honour of Sophie. She was an amazing little Abyssinian who just reinforced the bond that all Abyssinian people have with each other.


My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend has stopped running today. Sleep well in Tuonela, dear Sophie.

Abys in Need: Alicia in NY & Mocha and RubyRed in Los Angeles

Rescue Me has a few more Abys available for adoption, this time in Southern California and New York.

Alicia is in New York (not sure where) and her story is rather sad: “Alicia is a gorgeous and friendly blue Abyssinian cat. I’ve had her since birth but now I’m moving to NY and cannot have pets where I’m going to live. She is healthy and active. She’s 10 years old.”

Yeah. No comment. If you’re interested in adopting Alicia, her Rescue Me ID number is 15-02-09-00225

Mocha and RubyRed are being assisted by S.C.A.R. (Southern California Aby Rescue), and have been posted on Rescue Me. “Mocha is a 6 year old ruddy female seeking a new home without other cats or dogs. She is very high energy and needs someone with Aby experience. Local adoptions please. For more information contact Marla at SoCal Aby Rescue.”

RubyRed is a special needs Aby: “Are you looking for an aby with a softer side? One that loves to cuddle in bed and give face kisses? One that will purr the entire time you get your face washed? Then look no further, for I am your girl. I am only about five years old and have the most beautiful red coat EVER! Please don’t be put off at first if I don’t warm up to you. I will act coy and evaluate you. Once I accept you, watch out… I will be an attention magnet. Even toys will not deter me from just wanting your undivided love. My purrfect human must have lots of patience because of my shyness. Unfortunately I have ended up with many allergies. If given the wrong food (and I do like my meals), I will scratch myself raw. My foster mom gives me those little cans of Fancy something with turkey and I lap it up. Because of my special allergies I have to be the only one…something about eating from the other cats’ dishes?”

According to S.C.A.R.’s website, RubyRed is actually located in Las Vegas. If you would like more information on her, contact Marla at SoCal Aby Rescue.

Abys in Need – Kovu in Orlando, FL

This lovely boy showed up in a Craigslist ad yesterday:

“I have an Abyssinian in need of a new home. He’s a very sweet house cat, weighing about 10 lbs. His name is “Kovu” (also responds to “Coco” ~ his nickname).

Unfortunately, he is not friendly with other cats. He is somewhat dog friendly, but definitely means to let the dog know who’s boss. I acquired my dad’s Plott Hound when he died, and the two have been fighting lately. However, he is fine with my 3 month old puppy.

He is great with children who are gentle with him, however he can be flighty and hide a bit if he’s chased. (For example, he hides under the bed when my little sister comes over because she chases him around, trying to pet him.) He mostly likes to just sit on the couch and cuddle, and loves the occasional play session with strings.

Kovu is neutered and up-to-date on all of his vaccinations, and you’ll be provided with all his paper work when you come to pick him up. He’s also on Trifexis and is due for another round in 10 weeks. You can also have all of his supplies (toys, bowls, and travel crate), including his automatic litter box.

His rehoming fee is $100. I love my cat. I wish I didn’t have to give him away, but as it stands now, I can’t keep him. Especially since he’s not getting along with my dad’s dog. I want to ensure that if anyone takes him, they’ll take good care of him.”

Our friend Kristen, on behalf of the newly-formed Northeast Aby Rescue (NEAR), is assisting the adoption through Rescue Me:

“Northeast Abyssinian Rescue is assisting Kovu’s owner find him a new loving home. Kovu is a calm loving 8 year old neutered male Abyssinian. He has never lived with another cat. He lives with 2 dogs but isn’t getting along with one of them. Kovu is currently located in central Florida. All applications will be considered. If you would like to know more about this sweet boy, please send an email to neabyrescue@yahoo.com

Kovu is in the Orlando, Florida, area if you know of a home that needs an Aby in it.

Update on Sophie – She’s Home!!

It was a rollercoaster weekend…but the good news is that Sophie is now well enough to come home from the hospital!

All of the people who donated to Sophie’s medical fund and all of her followers on Facebook got updates from Sophie’s humans, Steve and Emily, throughout the weekend. It was as dramatic as an Oscar winning movie!

From Friday: “The clinic just called and told me they had good news. The red cell count has doubled from 6, near death, to 12. Still low but is apparent the bone marrow is starting to produce more red blood cells. We are having another blood transfusion and yet more tests as he thinks this may have been a pathogen from fleas. If all goes well we may be able to bring her home Saturday. Thanks to everyone for all the support I will get an update around 10 my time.”

And then: “The clinic just called with a new update. Finished the 2nd transfusion a little while ago. They are very optimistic . They may try to give her a little food and water. I told them to put ice in the water as Sophie likes to lick ice cubes. Blood numbers are up another 10 points to 22. I am getting very hopeful. They will call me around 11 but I may not update everyone until morning as I couldn’t sleep last night and was up at 6AM and I go to bed at midnight work nights. Let me thank everyone again for all the wonderful support!”

But Saturday morning brought less good news: “Latest update, Sophie continues to do well and we have many positive signs. However we are now waiting to see if she stabilizes . Her red blood cell count went down some but I am told that this is to be expected . What has to happen is that her bone marrow must continue to make red cells. If this does not happen then we probably won’t get a good ending. There is no reason to think things won’t work out and I am positive about the chances we have. I want to caution everyone though with what I was warned about in that if she has a bone marrow type of cancer then we won’t be able to save her. I will have a better idea around 11:30 tonight when I call back. This is what the vet just told me , I know that sounds bad but he needed me to know we are not out of the woods yet. I am going to believe that everything is going to work out fine until I hear otherwise. Once again let me thank all of you for all the love and support you have shown us. Without your help Sophie would never have had this chance. I don’t know how I could ever thank you all. Rest assured we are doing all we can.’

Later on Saturday, Emily posted: “Team Sophie: Things aren’t working out the way we hoped. Sophie’s red blood cell count has dropped down to 12, she has blood in her urine and there is some swelling. The vet has said that even with unlimited means she would only have a 50% chance. I’m afraid we will have to let her go. I’m not sure if we will bring her home to pass in her own time, or if we’ll let the vet give her peace.
I’m at work and Steve just called to ask me if I want to go say goodbye. I do but I don’t if that makes sense. If I become upset will I make it worse for her?”

But later on Saturday night, Steve updated us with good news: “Well, I have some good news , in the last 6 hours her blood count went back up to 19. We are leaving her there until tomorrow. The director of the clinic will contact us later this afternoon and we will make a plan for her but she may come home tomorrow. Some of you have asked if we need more funding and to be honest, I’m not sure and even if I was everyone has been so kind so far I can’t bring myself to ask for anything but love. If you wish to contribute you should know that all money will go to her what looks to be ongoing medical care. I think that there are others that may need help and we can’t expect so much. Thank all of you so very much”

I can’t tell you how big a sigh of relief was collectively sighed by the members of the Abyssinian Club on Facebook when that update came out!

Sunday morning, I woke up to this: “Sophie’s blood count is up to between 22 and 23. I’ll be getting her in around 3 hours. It will be good to bring her home. I I’ll have more for you later. Thank you all again for helping to make this happen!”

And then, this morning: “My little girls are hanging together. This is the 1 st time they have been apart. I glad Sophie is back home, but Sophie is so weak. I know she was a couple hours from death and she has come a long way but she has along way to go. I have been so happy that she lived that I lost sight of that. She is scrapper though and if anyone can make it it is her.”

As you can see, Phoebe is sticking as close to her sister as she can! These photos were taken about 18 hours apart…Sophie is still quite weak, but she seems to be on the mend. I haven’t heard what caused this illness beyond that it might be a flea-borne pathogen. I’ll be sure to keep you updated. It’s been amazing to watch, though: In four days, 131 people (at least two of whom were cats) from literally all over the world raised $4,185 to save this little Aby’s life. And that’s just as amazing as Sophie’s recovery!

Abys in Need: Sophie is very sick

This is a very sad story, and we don’t know yet what kind of ending it will have.

Sophie and Phoebe are two regulars in the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook. They’re sisters; Sophie is a Ruddy and Phoebe is a Fawn, and they’re just a year and a half old. Their human, Emily Tester, posts almost daily “conversations” between her and the Abys.

Just this week, however Sophie became very sick. They aren’t sure what is wrong with her; the vet thinks it’s either a liver problem or a blood disease. This afternoon we got the following update:
“Things aren’t going well. We are moving her to a critical care place. Please pray we make it there and that we don’t run out of funding as the cost keeps rising.’

Just a couple of hours ago, we got this news flash:
“Sophie just had her 1st blood transfusion she will need another. She’s a type B and the clinic only had one but they have located another so they are getting that. She is responding well but has a ways to go. We almost lost her this morning but she is hanging in there.”

I’m sure we all know what it’s like to have a cat become sick or injured unexpectedly, and until we can claim them as dependents on our health insurance, medical care for these emergencies can get expensive quickly. To that end, a GoFundMe account has been started to help with Sophie’s veterinary costs. In just 24 hours, over $2,000 has been raised, but it’s not over yet, and it’s not known yet what’s wrong with Sophie.

As I said, she’s not even two years old yet…as hard as it is to lose a beloved cat, it’s a thousand times harder when they’re so young. So if you want to help Emily and Steve save Sophie, well…every little bit helps. Any money not needed to pay Sophie’s vet bills will be donated to help other cats in some way.

Abys in Need – Yes, ANOTHER one! Hendriz in San Antonio, TX

Would you believe…there’s another Aby in a shelter? This time it’s a Fawn in San Antonio.

“Pet ID: A324710, Spay/Neuter”

There is not a lot of information on his Petfinder page, but he’s at the Animal Care Services Division Of San Antonio, 4710 State Hwy 151, San Antonio, TX 78227, 210-207-6666.

Abys in Need – URGENT! Harley in Orlando, FL

Oh, this is just too sad. Poor guy. And you know “due out date” is probably a euphemism for the “E” word…It looks like his front leg may have been injured, too.

Animal ID: A313516 Room No.: WCI21

Hi, my name is Harley. I am an approximately 9 year old ruddy and white neutered male. I am fearful and I weigh approximately 7 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Monday, March 16, 2015. My due out date is Sunday, March 22, 2015.

Find out more about our adoption process here. Each animal may be available for adoption, pending acceptable temperament testing and a health screen.

If you are looking for me, please come to Orange County Animal Services
at 2769 Conroy Road, Orlando, FL. The phone number is (407)836-3111.”

I know people on the Aby Facebook Club are working on getting him out, but I wanted to share him here, as well. Florida is really bad for older pets – especially cats – being turned out to fend for themselves when their humans die and the children come down to take care of their parents’ belongings. The adult children either don’t realise how much the cat meant to their parent, or they don’t care…but it happens a lot down there.

Abys in Need: Leo and Ruby in Oakland, NJ and a STRAY Aby in Orlando, FL

This is apparently a brother and sister, bonded pair. They are neutered/spayed and declawed.

Leo is a fawn colored, purebred Abyssinian. He is extremely affectionate and seeks lots of attention from his family. He is very bonded to his,Ruby, and they should be adopted together.”

Ruby is a red colored, purebred Abyssinian. She is an independent, sweet and quiet girl. She is very bonded to her brother Leo, so we would like them to get adopted together.”

All it says about them beyond that is to please contact Carol at 1-914-589-4575 for more information.

Now, THIS I have no words…It just turned up on the RescueMe website this afternoon. “Beautiful, young Abyssinian who has been hanging around my house. Very timid, but each day gets more comfortable. Not certain sex. One eye appears to be cloudy- blind in eye?. Have three rescued indoor cats and can’t take this beautiful, sleek creature. Please consider.” The photo really does look like a purebred Ruddy, too. I do know in Florida when elders go to nursing homes or die, their grown children frequently just turn their beloved cats out to fend for themselves because “that’s what cats do.” It’s terrible. I hope someone can help this poor Aby. For more info, contact Nan Farrell at (716) 708-5929.

Abys in Need: Kameo in WA and Sheba in AR

Two Abys turned up on Petfinder this morning, one in Port Townsend, WA and the other in Witter, AR.

First we have Kameo, who is currently a guest of The Humane Society of Jefferson County, WA

“Hi! My name is Kameo! I’m a beautiful petite purebred Abyssinian. I came to the shelter because I was unhappy living with a different family member and her THREE male cats. I’d like to be the only cat with people who are home a lot. Abyssinians are very active, intelligent and curious, and they desire feedback, interaction and even some training. I like playing with toys and using my scratching post. I’d also appreciate a cat tree to climb on. I am 8 years old, spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated, treated for fleas and ready for my forever home! Come see me today!”

If you are interested in Kameo, please contact the shelter through Petfinder.

The second Aby is Sheba, who is at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary. Her posting on Petfinder states that she is “a purebred Abyssinian with papers,” she’s five years old, and apparently she is a retired breeder.

“Hello everyone. My name is Sheba. Yes, like the queen. I am a queen too. I’m fully grown and still a little petite. Abyssinian’s are know to be a little shy at first. But watch out. After I warm up and feel comfortable I’ll be all over you. We are also known for our burnt orange or rust colored coats. I arrived here at the Blue Moon from a breeder. Thank[fully] those baby-making days are finally over and I can settle down and enjoy some quality lap time.”

Sheba’s adoption fee is $150. If you are interested in her, just call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.

Abys in Need: Fawn in Dallas needs a Foster Home

This is kind of sad…just got this a couple of hours ago from the Aby Rescue list:

“Perhaps you can help me. The bottom line is I had a heart attack just over two weeks ago and I have an Abyssinian cat, Fawn, that I feel could find a home where she would be better cared for. I am crying writing this with the thought of it and the only way I am going to be okay is feeling like she going to a better home. I can’t just put out an ad and hope to find someone.

Her last blood work was good. She will overgroom her belly. My vet has me feeding her hypoallergenic food.

She can also rub her head sore from trying to mark things when, I think, she’s feeling insecure. She is around 13 lbs. Hopefully, I can find someone who has more experience with cats than myself. Although she gets lots of attention, I stopped dragging around play toys and I know she could do with more exercise.”

Fawn (who is a fawn) is in Dallas and her human’s name is Trevor Gauden. He can be reached by email at trevorgauden@msn.com.