Aby-a-Day – October 31: Halloween at the Hospital

Today, of course, is Halloween, but it’s also Thursday, and Thursday is when we visit Pratt 2 at Tufts Medical Center.


Of course we went in costume. I’ve been planning this for a year!


Jacoby wore his cowboy outfit, and I swore I’d do last year, I cobbled together a cowgirl outfit to match. I found a genuine made-in-Texas fringed cowgirl shirt that just happened to have leopard print on it. I also found a leopard print cowboy hat, and I have leopard print boots…I thought we coordinated pretty well.


Jake loves to visit so much…and of course, he doesn’t mind wearing an outfit.



As long as he gets attention, he’s happy!




Vincent is the OT who runs our visits, and of course he and Jake are old friends by now.


I also found some patient artwork that had been left behind in the room we visit in. Now, I don’t know if Jake inspired this…but I like to think that he did 🙂


Trick or treat!

Abys are Everywhere! Happy Halloween!

You know me…I am ALWAYS on the lookout for greeting cards starring Abys. So imagine my squeeful delight when I found this little cutie:

Isn’t he adorable!? This is the inside:

But that’s not all! Today a friend shared this article about dressing up your cat for Halloween, and look who the headliner was!

That little guy gets around, eh?

Congratulations Boston Red Sox! 2013 World Series Champions!


Aby-a-Day – October 30: Wordless Wednesday (Let’s Go Red Sox!)






Aby-a-Day – October 29: “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me” (Cartoon Tuesday)

At our cat show a couple of weeks ago, it was fun to see the humans and cats dressed up in their team costumes. Some cats love to dress up.

put that thing back where it came from or so help me

And some…just DON’T.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – October 28: A city holds its collective breath (Hipstamatic Monday)

When the Red Sox are in the World Series, Boston holds its breath. Especially after Saturday’s game.



Usually, things don’t end well; we’ve been spoiled in the past nine years, though. Before 2004, the Red Sox didn’t win the World Series much.



What’s nice, though, is that EVERYONE is into the games. From little kids to grandmothers, everyone in Boston is watching the Sox play the Cardinals.



And everyone is wearing whatever Red Sox gear they happen to have.






Including cats.

Happy Ending! Ronica has found a home!

I’m sure you all remember the urgent post last week about poor Ronica, the Aby who was slated to be euthanised if she didn’t get adopted within 24 hours.

Well, I am VERY happy to report that Ronica was rescued! Thanks to the Aby Rescue Network on Facebook, Ronica has a home in Maine.

She is very thin and she has a URI…but as you can see, she already has a new comfy bed and was very content with it..just look at her smile! I am so happy to be able to pass this good news along!