Aby-a-Day – June 30: International Box Day

Today is everycat’s favourite holiday: International Box Day!


Jacoby tried to celebrate with Tessie…


…Since Tessie had a huge Amazon box all to herself that was surely big enough for two cats…


…But Tessie had other plans and didn’t want to share her box with him.


So Jake went off and found his own box.


It wasn’t quite the same, though.


Look how self-satisfied Tessie is in her box!


I suppose we really shouldn’t spoil Tessie’s good mood with reality, should we?

Aby-a-Day – June 29: Wordless Wednesday (My guardian Angel…and my guardian Jake)


Thank you, everyone!

Just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words about Gun-Hee after yesterday’s post. I really appreciate every single comment…and I am so glad that I’ve made a difference in people’s lives through this blog!

These are some of my most favourite photos of Gun-Hee, who in many ways was more of a troublemaker than Jacoby is. One morning I woke up and found this little tableau in the kitchen:


Somehow, Gun-Hee had knocked our ricepot off of the counter during the night. But what I love most about this was his attitude about the whole situation.


He was so darned PROUD of himself! He used the stepstool to give himself congratulatory pettings!

Again…thank you. 🙂

Aby-a-Day – June 28: Remembering Gun-Hee

June 28. I cannot think of this day without thinking of Gun-Hee. Three years ago today was the day he lost his battle with FIP. He’d only been diagnosed on the 20th.

I have learned a lot about FIP in the past three years, things I could really have lived a lifetime not needing to know. As much as I love Angel, and, of course, Jacoby (who shares Gun-Hee’s blood, but not, thankfully, whatever rogue gene made Gun-Hee’s and his littermate/brother Rusty’s body attack itself…as much as I love the other cats in my life, I will always miss Gun-Hee.

And, of course, whenever you have to put a cat to sleep, especially a young one, like Gun-Hee (who was not yet two years old), no matter how sick they are, you always second-guess yourself, wondering if they might not have recovered if you had just kept the vets entrenched in battle.

As it was, we took Gun-Hee to Angell Hospital that Saturday knowing that we would, most likely, be coming home with an empty carrier, and he did tell us, in his way, that he didn’t want to fight anymore, that he knew the mutation had won, but none of that made it any easier.


We’d taken him to Angell Saturday the 21st, and they kept him until Monday evening, running every test they could. It rained almost the entire week leading up to that final Saturday, but Wednesday was clear and sunny, and I took Gun-Hee out for one last outing, in the sunshine.


They’d shaved patches of his fur to drain his belly and take his blood for testing. He loved being outside…but it’s painfully obvious, looking at the photos, that he just didn’t feel good.


He was such a sweet boy. I will always miss you, Gun-hee-yah.


I have this photo charm with his picture on it that I had made by Kimbra Studios. With this, he’s always with me.

Aby-a-Day – June 27 – Jakey See, Jakey Do (Hipstamatic Monday)


Except, that’s the wrong eye, Jacoby. A for effort, though.

Aby-a-Day – June 26: Special delivery

I love bringing Jacoby with me when I go to the Post Office.


He has fans there! Everyone wants to come see him and pet him.


When I go during the week, everyone asks me where Jake is and how he’s doing. It’s kind of funny; he’s definitely more popular than I am!

Aby-a-Day – June 25: I enjoy being a boy

One problem with being the only boycat in a house full of females is…there’s a lot of pink kitty things about the place.


Somehow, Jacoby manages to cope.

Aby-a-Day – June 24: Throwing in the towel (Fashion Friday)

Well, this may not be the most fashionable Fashion Friday, but it’s definitely in fashion here in Boston this week!


I’d forgotten about these photos I took last year of Jacoby walking around with a Bruins rally towel draped over his back.


I’m not (completely) joking when I say wearing rally towels as capes is stylish here in Boston, either! At the parade on Saturday, I saw a young man wearing a cape he’d fashioned out of about twenty rally towels all sewn together patchwork-quilt style. I wish I’d gotten a photo of him; it was really quite original.


That kid had nothing on Jake, though. Some people let the outfit wear them, but Jake shows an outfit who’s boss!

Aby-a-Day – June 23: One cat’s naughty is another cat’s courageous

Even after almost three years of living with us, Angel is still very skittish and nervous. So when she bravely ventures onto the kitchen counters, we don’t scold her.


Quite the contrary!


We encourage and applaud her!





(Although not too loudly, so as not to startle her into losing her nerve, jumping down and scuttling away.)

Abyssinian Cover Cat on August 2011 issue of Cat Fancy

Imagine my delight when I opened my PO Box to see this handsome fellow gazing back at me:


Abys are the featured cover cat on the August issue of Cat Fancy! Finally! They generally feature all CFA and TICA breeds in rotation, so it’s roughly two years between each breed’s cover article. It’s not a bad article, although it’s rather basic information (and there’s no mention of all the great blogs devoted to Abys at all!), but I do like the way they describe Abys as being “groupies.”

If you’re interested, you can find Cat Fancy in most bookstores with large magazine selections, and I’ve also seen them on sale at most Petcos.

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I really should get some rubber stamps made…

I had the cats sign my husband’s birthday card using a brown pigment ink stamp pad I got at Paper Source. Kylie and Tessie still have ink on their paws, despite my trying to clean them. I suppose it was rather breedist of me to use Aby-friendly brown ink, wasn’t it?


Can you tell whose paw is whose? It seems super obvious to me…

(In case you were wondering, here’s the outside; it’s a Hallmark Micheal Scott birthWHOLEday card!)

Hipstamaticat Sighting!

This handsome German Aby showed up on Hipstamaticat today, and of course I just had to share!

Aby-a-Day – June 22: Wordless Wednesday (Happy Birthday, Dad!)




Aby-a-Day – June 21: Who says Bostonians are rude?

Boston has a reputation for being rude.


Jacoby doesn’t buy into that, though, and neither do I.


The people we meet while out and about are all very nice.


And it goes without saying that Jake is nice to everyone he meets, too.


Score one for Boston!

Aby-a-Day – June 20: Happy Gotcha Day, Kylie! (Hipstamatic Monday)


Poor Kylie! Always having to share the spotlight with the Abys!


That’s better! Thank you, Angel!

Aby-a-Day – June 19: Daily Abyssinian iPhone cases FREE to good homes!

It’s a very long story as to why I have these, but I have not one but two (2) Case-Mate Tough Cases with Gun-Hee, Angel and Jacoby on the green tiki background you see on this very blog. Still wondering why I have two extra cases? Let’s just say that Case-Mate takes customer satisfaction on its custon cases very seriously.


These are seriously great cases for iPhones. The cases I have will only work on AT&T or international iPhone 4s (no idea why the Verizon phones won’t fit), but I can tell you, this case will protect your iPhone. I accidentally dropped my phone a couple of feet onto the sidewalk, and not only was my iPhone 100% fine, the case was barely damaged. It got a tiny bit scuffed on one corner, but it took me a whole day to find it!

I just want to share them with you, because they’re so incredible and because I have two extra cases and only one iPhone. So, comment on this post if you want one, and tell me the funniest cat story you’ve ever experienced. Make me laugh! I’ll pay postage – anywhere on Earth – so if you have an iPhone and want an Aby case, go for it. I’ll pick the winners after midnight Thursday, 24 June.


Jake wishes to remind you that he will be helping me select the winners. The cases are just like the one on my iPhone in this photo, but the rubber inner bumper is black, not bright green.


He also offered to demonstrate how great the case protects your iPhone when it crashes to the floor from a height…that’s okay, Jake, I think they get it!

Aby-a-Day – June 18: Boston loves a parade!

Today in Boston, roughly a million people turned out to celebrate the Bruins’ Stanley Cup victory.



I’d been hoping to have the attendance be a million people and one Abyssinian, but my husband vetoed that idea.


Probably just as well, in the long run.


Most likely, I wouldn’t have been able to get this close to the parade with Jacoby’s stroller.


And it was really hot, too. Jake wouldn’t have wanted to be out there in his black jersey.


Angel was happy to watch the whole thing on TV at home, in the air conditioning.


She got to actually see the Stanley Cup, too – we didn’t get to see it in person because it was on the other side of Boylston Street from where we were standing.

Aby-a-Day – June 17: He’s got a condo made of stone-a (Fashion Friday)

When I saw Cat Atlier’s gold headdress, I knew Jacoby needed it to go with his Egyptian necklace.


Tell me this cat isn’t posing!


He looks like he stepped off a pyramid wall, don’t you think?


I can almost see why his kind used to be worshipped as gods.



Aby-a-Day – June 16: Jacoby is Canadian, after all!

Last night, it happened. Boston took game 7 in Vancouver to win the Stanley Cup!


And of course, like any Bostonian with Canadian citizenship, Jacoby was right there watching the game with his Bruins sweater on!


Now…I’m not saying he’s the reason they won…but I’m sure his support helped.


He certainly watched every play of the third period as closely as felinely possible, and at last his faith was rewarded as the B’s hoisted the Cup and skated it around the ice.


The victory parade will be held in Boston this Saturday, and of course I not only want to go, but I want to take Jake along with me, in his stroller and wearing his jersey, to see it.

Aby-a-Day – June 15: Wordless Wednesday (5:30 am)