Aby-a-Day – Day 181 of 365

Jacoby really missed me when I was gone. I walked in the door and Jake’s eyes lit up and his tail started twitching…it was heartwarmingly gratifying. I took him out into the hallway to run, but instead of running on the carpet, he just followed me, looking up at my face and watching my hands…he wasn’t happy until I got down to his level on the floor and let him give me head butts and rubs.

Angel isn’t as belligerent with her affections, but she’s glad we’re home, too.


Aby-a-Day – Day 180 of 365

Vacations are great and all, and it’s wonderful to be able to wear my black T-shirts without getting cathair all over them…but it’s hard to sleep without someone purring in my ear. And I’ve missed my Aby antics…

…Like this one. Jacoby is such a little ham. He loves to pose near the TV so we’ll pay attention to him. We have a Philips Ambilight, and he knows the backlight only sets off his rugged good looks.

Want some cheese with that ham?

(My icon is another example of him using the TV’s backlight to his advantage.

Aby-a-Day – Day 179 of 365

Two years ago today, Gun-Hee died from FIP. Even though we now have Angel and Jacoby, I still miss Gun-Hee every day.


Sept. 14, 2006 – June 28, 2008.

Aby-a-Day – Day 178 of 365

This is an older photo of Angel; I took it in October of 2009. I like the way she’s balancing on the windowsill.


Aby-a-Day – Day 177 of 365

Jacoby is often as hilarious as his half-brother Gun-Hee was. One thing they have in common is a love for stealing things and dragging them back to their “lair.”

This time it was an empty – and rinsed – ground beef container. We’d put it by the front door so we could take it out to the recycle bin, and Jake decided he needed it.

He grabbed it and dragged it to the bedroom. I’m sure that if I’d let him, he’d have taken it on our bed to do whatever it was he had planned. He takes all his best toys into our bed.

Aby-a-Day – Day 176 of 365

Angel tends to camp out on top of one of the cat trees; the height gives her a sense of security. And Jacoby, with no sense of personal space, likes to join her up there.


I’m not sure how that’s a comfortable position for Angel,
but she stayed that way for a while.


This, however, looks even less comfortable.

Boy Abys sure have…chutzpah

I had to share this photo posted in …

Caution: NSFW