Gun-Hee vs The Tail

And he’ll ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston…Gun-Hee on the MBTA

Gun-Hee rides the T.

Gun-Hee always gives 110% to everything he does…

…including napping.

Following in Harri’s pawprints

Last night, I found Gun-Hee in Harri’s favourite bed, next to the heater in the kitchen.

It was so adorable…


(Gun-Hee walked across the laptop while I was trying to think of a title for this post. So, I decided to use his idea.)

The cat books do not lie when they say that Abyssinians are endlessly curious and into everything!

I leave a drawer open for a minute and look what happens!

My best friend

I love this.
I’m sitting on the sofa, reading the internet and watching TV. And on my shoulder, watching what I’m doing and what’s on TV, is my best little buddy, Gun-Hee.

It tickles when he sniffs in my ear.

Walking the cat

I started teaching Gun-Hee to walk on a leash this weekend.