Aby-a-Day – 1 February: Findus och Pettson (Miniature Monday)

While I was in Sweden, I got a set of Pettson and Findus figures.


Pettson and Findus are the main characters in a series of children’s books written and illustrated by Sven Nordqvist. They are very popular – this photo is from a display in a book store in Göteborg. Pettson is an old farmer who live alone with his cat, Findus, some chickens and some little house creatures. Findus gets his name from a brand of frozen foods; when Pettson got Findus as a kitten, he was in a box labelled “Findus Green Peas.”

sverigexmas-findusIMG_2001 1

I’ve had this small plush Findus since I visted Björn in 2000. He went back to Sweden with me for Christmas.


Naturally, I adore Findus…


…I mean, what’s not to like? He’s a cat, he can talk, and he’s a sassy troublemaker. Someday, I want to get Jacoby a pair of green striped pants like Findus wears.


I think Jake would make a great Findus.


But what does Jake think of Pettson and Findus?


He likes them!

Aby-a-Day – December 5: “Market” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Market.”


Angel and Jacoby love it when I come home from the market.


Angel is always interested in whatever is going on.


She may be a little tentative about it, but she’s still a curious Abyssinian.


Jake just gets so excited when I’m unpacking the bags he just has to…


…streeeeecccchhhh! It’s like he’s so excited he has to do something physical while he’s waiting.


Because you know what he’s waiting for, right?


Of course!


The shopping bags!


And this market, as I’ve mentioned before, has really awesome shopping bags.


So, even though I still really miss Filene’s Basement, I’m happy we have a food market in Downtown Crossing now – it certainly came in handy when I was looking for my Thanksgiving pheasant!

Aby-a-Day – November 23: Cat scratch fever (Miniature Monday)

A regular feature at almost every New England cat show is Arubacat‘s vendor’s booth. Arty is a great guy, and I’ve come to rely on him for so many things…I end up needing to buy something he has at every show.

NEMObjdIMG_0533 1

Of course, he was at the NEMO show. So mini-Jacoby and I went to check out the goods.

NEMObjdIMG_0534 1

These little barrel scratchers are awesome. Tessie won one at the Seacoast show in 2007 when she was Best Household Pet and it still gets daily use.

NEMObjdIMG_0518 1

Arty has cat trees in all shapes, sizes and colours…including patterns!

NEMObjdIMG_0537 1

But he has more than just cat trees. I get my chamois and bay rum to groom Jake from him, as well as various other grooming supplies. He also has treats, toys and other accessories. And it’s amazing…he shleps all this stuff all over New England nearly every weekend.

NEMObjdIMG_0538 1

I don’t know what we’d do without Arty. But I’m glad we have him. Thanks, Arty!

Aby-a-Day – October 8: The cat’s in the bag

So Roche Bros. opened a store in Downtown Crossing. This instantly became the easiest place to buy groceries, because it’s only two T stops from our building.


The last time I went, I forgot to bring any bag with me.


So I picked up this cool, folding, box-bag thing. I think it’s meant for the trunks of people’s cars. Jacoby clearly thought it was for him.


So I gave him a little ride in his box-bag.


As you can see, he hated that.


Jake just loves to go for rides in things.


He seemed a little disappointed when I set the box-bag down on the floor and went to put away the groceries I’d bought.

Aby-a-Day – September 29: Christmastime is here, by golly! (Cartoon Tuesday)

This is the actual illustration for the Christmas card I was talking about last week.


This is San Francisco, the intersection of Geary and Stockton in front of Union Square, 1996. My then-boyfriend, Eric, and I are doing Harri and Sigrid’s holiday shopping for them. Also, if you look at the background, there is another cat sitting on the sidewalk; that is Fagin and his human Mario, who would panhandle with his lovely blue-point Siamese mix. I used to bring fagin cat food, and Mario liked that better than the money! Mario wasn’t homeless, but he had been a construction worker until he started to lose his eyesight. I wonder what he’s doing now…and if he still has a kitty buddy.

That intersection is completely torn up now for light-rail construction, but here’s how it looked in 2011:

I can’t believe how much time I spent on this drawing! Nowadays, I’d just use a photograph and be done with it. I also used old-school Chartpak shading film on this…oh, man, I do NOT miss that stuff!

Aby-a-Day – August 1: “Coin” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Coin.”


I have several coins that feature Abyssinians.


One of my favourites is the Pobjoy Mint Isle of Man Abyssinian coin from 2010.



I have the one ounce fine silver coloured version.



I also have a 1/20 ounce gold bullion version.


Then I have this slightly odd Polish Abyssinian coin.


This next one isn’t exactly an Aby, but it’s really gorgeous.

It’s a Ukrainian one ounce fine silver Asian zodiac year of the cat fine silver coin (some calendars use the cat instead of the rabbit). The cat has green garnets for eyes.


Finally, i have this last one that isn’t exactly a coin…but it’s in the same family. It’s a poker chip with Gun-Hee’s photo on it. Jacoby seems to like it.

Aby-a-Day – June 15: A trip to the Korean grocery store (Miniature Monday)

The last time I went to the Korean supermarket, I brought along Mini-Jake.


I figured he’d enjoy all the seafood they have there.


And the tuna.


They have so many different kinds of tea there, of course.


And cookies!


I really love this brand of Japanese mushrooms. They have a different little character for each variety.


But the best thing they had was an enormous sushi boat! I wish I could get one, but at $99.99 it’s kind of pricey. Plus it’s HUGE.


But look! Mini-Jake is King of the World! As long as there are no icebergs…