Aby-a-Day – Day 243 of 365

Jacoby loves it when we wash the sheets and make the bed. He comes running from wherever he is in the house to “help.”


He was apparently sleeping when we started to make the bed on Sunday. He’s not quite awake in this photo.


He woke up pretty quickly, however.


Attacked by the duvet cover!


He breaks free from the cover’s flowery clutches!




He remains on guard for a second attack. The cover seems to have called in the duvet for reinforcement.


But Jacoby fiercely battles it into submission as well.


Without Jake’s eternal vigilance, it’d be curtains for the free world!

Getting the word out

As a relatively new blogger, I’m still figuring out ways to tell people about my blog. One thing I have done, however, is gotten cards to advertise it. I give them to people who meet Jake when we’re out and about.


Zazzle makes awesome mini-cards, and they frequently offer discounts.


The cards are also two-sided, which I love because I don’t have to sacrifice art for text. The “skinny” size (1″ x 3″) also make wonderful bookmarks.

Another marketing tool I’ve invested in is a Daily Abyssinian rubber stamp from Stamp Out Online (who also has shops on Etsy and eBay). Lisa worked with me to get the perfect font, and her stock Abyssinian design couldn’t look more like Jacoby if I’d drawn it myself!


Not sure how exactly I’m going to use this stamp…but it was too awesome not to have!

Aby-a-Day – Day 242 of 365

I’m currently reading the Warriors books by Erin Hunter, and I have to say, they’re awesome books. Drama, romance, intrigue, war, murder, loyalty, mysticism, bravery, and yes, even comedy abound in these books, which are about the lives of feral cats living in a forest. The only thing wrong with them, as far as I’m concerned, is a flagrant disregard for feline genetics and too many blue-eyed cats…


…although Jacoby thinks the cover art of the book I’m currently reading could feature a more handsome cat!

Aby-a-Day – Day 241 of 365

As a friend once said, Abyssinians aren’t “holding” cats – they’re “petting” cats. And that’s true. Just Google “Abyssinian,” “Lap” and “Cat” and pretty much every link you get will tell you that Abys are not lap cats.


But what the websites and books don’t tell you is…they are head cats.


It’s true. I haven’t been feeling well this weekend, so I laid down to read and take a nap yesterday.


Jacoby came with me, and laid down on my head.


If that isn’t love…then I guess it’s a good thing he’s cute.

I took these with the front camera on my iPhone 4, which is much lower resolution than the “main” camera on the back…but even though it doesn’t take great photos, it still has its uses

Evil!Jake as LOLcat

I shared that last photo of Jacoby from yesterday’s post with the diabolical minds over at Cat Macros and was rewarded with a couple of great LOLcats starring Jake:


This one, by Tenorvox…


…and this one, by Kittana.

It’s fun to see what other people see in my photos.

Aby-a-Day – Day 240 of 365

I don’t know why it is, but cats are just so adorably cute when they use their paws to wash their faces.




Abys are no exception to this, as Angel and Jacoby prove.


Although, with Jake, you have to wonder what’s behind the cuteness façade…

Aby-a-Day – Day 239 of 365

We have six dining room chairs in our living room waiting for the table to be brought out of storage. They are gathered in a corner, and over time have had blankets and cat beds arranged on them in a way that pleases the feline members of the family.


It gets a lot of use, especially on sunny afternoons.


I’m not sure what about it the cats love, but I have a feeling that they’re going to be sad when we bring in the table.


Some more than others. Angel really loves the chair fort.