Angel-a-day/52 of 365

Angel is big on “burying” her food when she’s done with it.
Even if she’s not actually done with it.

Angel-a-day/49 of 366

The other day, my husband sent me this email: “As I was closing the bedroom door (as I was leaving for work) she said “no!” and squirted out and bullet trained to the sofa.”

I knew exactly what he meant by “squirt.” So, I did the following sketch to illustrate it.

Angel-a-day/43 of 365

Angel in the bedroom is a brave thing…as long as the door is closed.

Angel-a-day/40 of 365

An example of how “handsy” Angel is. Here, she puts her paws in my salad to see what I’m eating.

Angel-a-day/37 of 365

Angel oversees me making a post about her.

Angel-a-day/36 of 365

An accidental close-up of Angel’s good eye that shows the shadows in her cornea really well.

Angel-a-day/32 of 365

Angel watches the Animal Planet Kitty Half-Time Show!

She was very interested in the kittens playing!