Aby-a-Day – February 28: Angel on high (Friday Flashback)

Last week I posted about how much Jacoby is going to love our newly catified apartment, but Angel will get a huge kick out of it, too.


The very first night I had Angel, she climbed to the top of the cat tree in my mom’s house.


And she kept going when she got to the top!


My mom’s place is actually naturally cat-friendly, with the addition of that one cat tree.


My mom’s cats never thought to go up there, though. Angel did it almost immediately! I guess some things just need an Aby’s touch.


When we first built our IKEA Pax cabinets, Angel was right there, helping.


She was up on top of the first one before we’d even finished assembling it.


I don’t remember how she even got up there!



But she immediately tried to go even higher!


It will be interesting to see how she reacts to the cat shelves in the new apartment.


I just hope they don’t fight over the good spots!

Aby-a-Day – February 27: “Let’s GO, Mom!”

As I’ve said before, Jacoby loves to ride on the carts our building has for moving boxes and shopping bags up and down the elevators. We’ve been using them a lot lately.


Jake’s been enjoying his rides, to the point that whenever the cart is in the apartment he sits on it and won’t get off because he doesn’t want to miss the ride.

Aby-a-Day – February 26: Wordless Wednesday (Abys Abys Everywhere!)







Aby-a-Day – February 25: “Though the jewelry’s Egyptian, know the hunger’s Ethiopian” (Cartoon Tuesday)

Not that regular cats don’t get hungry and yell at you…but Abys have to kick everything up a notch, and they are all of them drama kings and queens.


Abys are never just “hungry.” They are famished, starving and on the verge of dying from malnutrition if you’re even 10 minutes late with supper, even if they’ve never missed a meal in their lives.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – February 24: Après Olympics (Hipstamatic Monday)

Well, the 2014 Winter Olympics are over.



I’m sure it’s exhausting to be an athlete competing in the winter games.



But just watching them can wear you out, too!



After yesterday’s men’s hockey gold medal game, which started at 7am EST, Jacoby was wiped out and crashed on the chesterfield with Tessie for most of the afternoon.



Not even cuddles from Dad could roust him.



It did wake Tessie up, so she gave Jake a little grooming.


I’m sure you’ve noticed that Jake didn’t take off his hockey shirt after the game…he’s such a fan!

Aby-a-Day – February 23: Golden Goal

The 2014 Olympic gold medal men’s hockey game happened today in Sochi.



Canada played Sweden in a rematch of the 1994 Lillehamer gold medal game.




The outcome, however, was vastly different.


Now, I’m not going to say that Jake’s Olympic gear made any difference.


But I’m also not going to tell him that it didn’t!

Aby-a-Day – February 22: “Amber” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Amber.”

Gun-Hee’s mother was Ch. Marica’s Bright Amber of Pellburn.

gun-hee-kitten family

Here she is with Gun-Hee, his brother Rusty, and their two sisters. This is probably my favourite photo that Sherry took of Gun-Hee.

Abys are Everywhere – Kiipi and Sketsi on a Finnish Blog

Just had to share Abyfriend’s Sanna-Leena’s fawn Sketsi and red Kiipi featured on a Finnish blog called kissankujeita:


The blogger, Sonja Pekkonen, owns Hugo, the ruddy who is Kiipi’s father.


Sonja takes some marvelous photos!


This is Sketsi…and you can see a bit of Sanna-Leena’s tattoo on her arm!

Just wanted to share a little Finnish goodness after today’s bronze medal hockey game!

Fashion Friday Extra – Fashion-forward in Finland: Suomi Sweater

Abyfriend Maija was so impressed with Jacoby’s Canada sweater, she asked me for its measurements so she could make one for her Aby Morse.

Here is Morse’s new sweater. Maija explains: “My mother got excited about this project and ended up making the sweater herself (fortunate for everyone as it looks much better than anything I could have made!). The design is based on a traditional west coast pullover (called jussipaita here in Finland) often worn by young men in the countryside. This ended up being a bit small for Morse, so my mother is already planning the second one”

Isn’t Morse handsome in his jussipaita? And look: he’s not the only cat to wear a juissishirt! I can’t wait to see his Finnish flag sweater, too!

Aby-a-Day – February 21: #GoCanadaGo (Fashion Friday)

Jacoby and I got a special delivery care package from our friend Kim (who lives with Jake’s Uncle Clancy and his Cousin Seamus) yesterday.


Kim thought Jake deserved his own pair of Red Mittens


Okay…so his mittens are actually a keychain. But they’re still real mittens!


They really fit on his paws!


He needs to grow into the thumbs, though.


Kim also sent Jake an official Team Canada shirt!



He was pretty proud of himself when I put it on him. You can bet he’ll be wearing it on Sunday.



Here he is with his shirt and mittens on.




You can see how pleased he is with himself. My friend Sheila said he was “being smug and showing off,” and she is right! We benched together at Westchester and she explained Jake to someone on Facebook: “Jake is a very atypical, unusual Aby. Seems to know how handsome he is and so he loves to wear clothes and show off. He certainly has one of the mellowest personalities. He will sit in a show shelter, door open, posing for the public, and not move a paw even when unsupervised. I witnessed this, and while it almost gave me a heart attack when I first saw it, I then marveled at it. MAYBE a freeze dried chicken treat would cause him to jump down, if it were on the floor, but then I swear he would jump right back up into his “house” and pose again.” That is Jake all right!


We are now ready for the big game on Sunday – Bring it on, Sweden! Thank you SO much, Kim…we owe you one!!

Aby-a-Day – February 20: Catification chez nous

As most of you know by now, we are moving to a new apartment in our building. It’s exciting, and a lot of work. Our building has an open plan, and when the interiors were first built out, the original buyers (which we were, also, in our current apartment) had options as to how the units were built out. In our case, the optional second bedroom wasn’t built out…but we wanted it, so we’re having it built back in according to the original plans.


Of course, a new apartment affords us a chance to create a haven not only for ourselves, but for the cats as well. While my husband won’t let me go completely crazy the way they did in The Cats’ House or the $35,000 Complete Cat House, or get the German Cat Climbing Furniture, but we are creating something of a Cat Superhighway in our new home.


Originally, there was an open space between the living room and the middle room.


We had that made into a solid wall. And we’re installing two sets of Sophia Cat Shelves alongside the television.


One hasn’t been mounted yet because it has a missing piece, so that’s why there are only three on the wall right now.


Look how high the top one is! Jacoby is going to love this.


The new middle room is going to be my art room, and it will also have a television on the wall (I watch TV while I work instead of listening to music). My original concept was this:


But we decided not to surround the TV with shelves, so instead of the Hemnes piece, we opted for IKEA’s Bestå TV stand. The cool thing about Bestå is that you can arrange pieces on the IKEA website to see how they’ll look.

bestå4.50.30 PM

This is what our setup should look like (I’m not entirely sure about the doors, though).


Then, we’ll add a few Ekby Tryggve shelves and Valter brackets, painted to match the wall.



I painted them all myself on Monday.


And this is what my workroom wall should look like!


This was the concept I had for our bedroom. It was to be custom-built, but that proved too expensive.

401-expedit cat shelves_Page_4

I came up with a way of assembling different sizes of Expedit units to create the same staircase effect for a lot less money. The people at IKEA were pretty impressed, actually.

401-expedit cat shelves_Page_5

It’s 8 squares by 8 squares, 10 feet by 10 feet. It should work well.


And it should look something like this. I can’t wait to build it and see what Jake thinks!


Because right now, he thinks this is an awesomely high place to sit. He has no idea what’s in store for him in a couple of weeks!

Aby-a-Day – February 19: Wordless Wednesday (Angel loves hockey)








Abys in Need: Another update on the Aussie Abys

These two boys are becoming an international sensation…and I don’t think they even have names!

Hi everyone. It is 8.20 pm, 19 Feb. not much has changed. The boys are still being a bit shy about their meds so the carer still has them confined to reduce stress to get their meds into them. The tawny (ruddy) is very smoochy, but still wary, and the silver/fawn is still vary scared and timid. Carer Jo has shared a photo. To all those that have donated, if you sent a confirmation email of your donation you should by now have received an email of thanks from the rescue group. If you have donated and did not send an email to fostering@catrescue.com.au, please email them with the details of your donation mentioning that it is for the Aby’s. THANK YOU ALL FOR CARING FOR THESE BOYS. LOVE TO YOU ALL.

And they do respond to your donations and emails! Here’s the message I got from the rescue in response to my donation: “Thank you so much for your kindness Coco and apologies for the delay in our response. Money has been received. I think cats will have to wait for surgery for a few weeks to ensure no cat flu present or becomes present in the week or so post-pound before eye op. Your donation will really help us. Cheers”

I really wonder what happened to these two, and what they went through in the wilds of Australia before they were picked up.

Aby-a-Day – February 18: “Don’t get salt water on my mink” (Cartoon Tuesday)

This cartoon was inspired by two simultaneous online conversations I had recently, one about men’s figure skating, and one about how clumsy Abys – especially male Abys – can be.


Throw in a silly pun based on a common skating move and voilà! And the quote is only tangentially figure-skating related…but I couldn’t resist using it.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – February 17: Sweater silliness (Hipstamatic Monday)

After I took photos of Jacoby in his Canada sweater, he was in a rather playful mood.






Sometimes, Jacoby gets his clothes confused with his toys.





Don’t worry, he didn’t hurt the sweater at all. I think he just got overwhelmed by the good wooly smell.

Abys are Everywhere – Hey, wait a second..!

Every month, I get an e-newsletter from Pet Partners with updates and articles about other therapy teams across the nation. This month, I opened up my email as usual and noticed a familiar face:

It’s Jacoby, wearing one of his Tiny’s Ties!

No, it really is him! I sent the photo in a while ago and then promptly forgot about. It was a nice surprise to see Jake in my email.

Abys in Need: Another update on the Aussie Aby brothers

More good news about those two lost boys in New South Wales:

This was posted to Facebook yesterday:

Update on the Aby boys (beautiful pic thanks to Jo Lyons who goes to Renbury each weekend to take photos to help the animals gets rescues and adoptions)

Carer Jo A picked up the boys from Renbury yesterday and did a big round trip so they could see Dr David before going home. They are very small cats and underweight. Apparently they have great teeth and Dr David thinks they are only four years – not eight as advertised. They have been given some antibiotics. Apparently they were very vocal during their transport and did not like the vet very much either. Can’t blame them really. The carer has them isolated to the bedroom and they are very shy. Hopefully they will calm down after a traumatic day let alone the past week. I bet Jo ends up with some little friends on his bed tonight. They are shy at the moment having had the indignity of ending up in the pound and now another strange move. They will both be desexing in two weeks and eye removed as well as long as they are both healthy. Jo will have then on Royal Canin Baby Cat dried and wet and fresh human grade raw food as well so they get lots of excellent nutrition so they can recover and gain weight with some high quality nutrition on board.

I would like to put a huge thank you out to the people around the world involved in the Aby Club. They have actually covered most of the cost of these boys’ surgery and we are incredibly touched and grateful.
The girls at Melbourne Animal Rescue put their hands up as back up for these guys and we offered to help in the process. So only when they have had their surgery and given the all clear, they will go to MAR who are an excellent rescue group. And the Aby group will be helping spread the word for a suitable adopter. Pure breeds do need to be adopted by people who have breed experience as they have their quirks that must be understood.

Remember, if you want to make a donation for the Abys using Paypal, you may do so using this link. Then send an email to fostering@catrescue.com.au so they know to allocate your donation towards the Abys’ care. And stay tuned for more happy news about these two boys!

Aby-a-Day – February 16: Ev’ry Day I’m Strollerin’

As part of my Jake plushie project (which is on temporary hiatus due to moving), I bought a toy stroller. It’s been stashed away, and because of moving I got it out and set it up to remind myself of its size.


I turned my back on it for a second…and guess what happened!


A certain someone just hopped right on in.


And just as pleased as punch about it, too. Look how proud of himself Jacoby is.


He sat there for a long time, too, waiting for someone to notice him and give him a push.


“Well! Finally! It’s about time you got here, Dad!”


Jake stayed in the stroller a long time, too, demanding to be pushed. Top up or down, made no difference to him.


Just goes to show you, when you’re a true Strollercat, it doesn’t matter how big or small your stroller actually is.

Abys are Everywhere: Sochi! Hockey!

This little Russian hockey fan was posted on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club page the other day, and I just had to share.

Hats and Abys. It’s a thing.

Aby-a-Day – February 15: “Reflection” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Reflection.”


Jacoby isn’t addicted to mirrors, but he does like to admire his reflection from time to time.


Especially when he’s rocking an awesome outfit, like his Westchester Cat Show turkey outfit.


Jake definitely knows that his reflection is him.