Gun-Hee a day/180 of 366

Gun-Hee and me shortly before going to Angell (the first time).

Other People’s Abys – Part 9

Quarkwiz sent me this awesome article from last week’s New York Times about an Aby who lives in Manhattan and walks in Central Park.

It is so like Gun-Hee…he even had a similar harness!

Too bad he’s probably a Yankees fan.

Gun-Hee a day/179 of 366

Extreme close-up of Gun-Hee’s fur.

Sept. 16, 2006 – June 28, 2008

We had to put Gun-Hee to sleep tonight.

I am going to continue the photo-a-day, although right now I don’t know what that is going to be.

He was my best friend. I will miss him. And, for him, I will keep posting his photos til the year ends. It seems the least I can do.

Gun-Hee has fans

This post in Cat_Lovers is pretty much all that is holding me together.

The only thing that makes this better is that I am not alone. Thank you all for being here, and bearing witness to Gun-Hee’s far-too-short life.

I appreciate every single one of you reading this.

Gun-Hee a day/178 of 366

Gun-Hee signing in at Angell last weekend.

Gun-Hee a day/177 of 366

Gun-Hee still wants to walk up the hallway to our apartment.