Aby-a-Day – Day 304 of 365

Inspired by his injury, here is Jacoby dressed in his Halloween costume: An Egyptian cat mummy!


Beware the curse of Bastet’s sacred mummy!


To avoid suffering the mummy’s wrath, you must appease him with an offering (preferably something seafood-flavoured).

I am Aby, Hear me RAWR!

Imagine my delight when I saw this little cutie on I Can Has Cheezburger today…

Other people’s Abys – Recycled Aby greetings

This completely cracked me up when I found it. Back in March, I posted my collection of Abyssinian greeting cards. One of the cards I featured pictures a rather phlegmatic little ruddy kitten:

So the last time I was at CVS, I checked out this year’s crop of Halloween cards and I found this…

It’s the same Aby kitten! He’s just got vampire fangs and a cape drawn on. The text of the card is the same, too, except with “halloween” in the place of “birthday.”

Although, I suppose it worked, didn’t it? I bought the same card again!

Aby-a-Day – Day 303 of 365

(Continued from yesterday’s post…)

It’s been a week since Jacoby’s accident. He’s still on antibiotics, but he seems to be adapting to his injury well. Today, he’s been attacking our reindeer skin rug, shoving my intricate box configuration around so that he can hide under the bed, and sleeping inside his fighter plane, so apart from the foot, he’s quite obviously fine. And that’s while trying to get him to rest!


In fact, he’s been such a little whirlwind of activity, it makes me a little nostalgic for his pain medication.

Aby-a-Day – Day 302 of 365

(Continued from yesterday’s post…)

Jacoby went back to the vet today to have his foot examined again. I was hoping his toe pad would be healed enough to forgo the bandage, but unfortunately, the cut is still open, and bled a little bit when Dr. KC cleaned the area.


I know Jake is getting fed up with his bandage, and his sock. But even with the dressing, he’s still walking too much for the wound to heal up. It’s the pressure he’s putting on it – which in a way is a good sign, because he’s obviously not feeling a lot of pain if he’s able to ignore the injury and walk around on it. He isn’t really even limping.


So his foot was rebandaged today, with more padding on the bottom of the foot, since we can’t exactly make him keep it elevated or give him crutches to walk around on. And we have to go back on Wednesday. If the cut still isn’t closing up, he’ll have to have stitches. He’s stuck with the new improved bigger bandage and Sock 2.1 (it’s grey this time).

(…to be continued)

Aby-a-Day – Day 301 of 365

(Continued from yesterday’s post…)

I love this photo of Jacoby taken nearly 12 hours after the accident. Camped out on the sofa next to dad with his new fuzzy green toy, a little fuzzy from his pain medication, watching the Giants-Phillies playoff game…


…and you know I was waiting on him paw and foot, too. I think the only downside for him was, he’s a cat, so there wasn’t any work or school to get to stay home from on Monday.

(To be continued…)

Abys are Abys, no matter what their colour

I stumbled upon the most wonderful website today: For Cats Only.

What makes it so wonderful? Why, Abyssinians, of course! The stars of this site are two Silver Abys named Sonny and Cher.

The site is really quite cute, and the photos are hilarious. It’s really fascinating to see photos of Silver Abys; they aren’t common at all in North America as the CFA doesn’t register them and TICA accepts them in their own separate division. But Silvers are bred in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and Scandinavia;

It’s very strange that Silvers aren’t more common in the US and Canada, since one of the most famous Abys, Aluminium II, was probably a Silver Aby. He was one of the first Abyssinians to be brought to the US from England in the early 1900’s, and his name appears in virtually every Aby’s pedigree – including Jacoby.

So come and meet Sonny and Cher!