Visiting the Welder’s Cats

Today, Gun-Hee and I went to the post office to see if my copy of Harry Potter had arrived yet (it hadn’t). On the way, we peeked in to see if any cats were about at the welders’ place.

There was one, and he and Gun-Hee looked at each other for a while.

Garbage Cat

6:30, Saturday morning. I’m awakened by a crash in the kitchen…and it takes a lot to wake me up. So of course I went to investigate…

…and found this!

Skateboarding is not a crime

Sunday before last, we took Gun-Hee out to Rolling Bridge Park. We also took one of his magic wand toys. While we were out there, we ran into a city planning student who was reading all the plaques. He had a skateboard, so of course Gun-Hee had to check that out.

Captain of Teh Carpet Ship

Gun-Hee often does things I don’t understand.

I think he’s been reading Two Lumps.
And just because I couldn’t resist…

Life with an Abyssinian

Gun-Hee is sitting on the back of the sofa, gazing speculatively up at the ceiling.

I can only imagine what he’s plotting.

Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Despite an endless supply of better choices, Gun-Hee decided that my LL Bean bag was the best place in the house to sleep.

A different sort of picture of Gun-Hee on the T

Gun-Hee at Broadway Station in Southie:

Homeward bound

Gun-Hee gets down to earth

After we went to the vet on Tuesday, Gun-Hee and I took a little walk along the Somerville Community Path. We mainly just explored the area around the Bikeway Garden. Gun-Hee was transfixed by the birds and flying insects (though I had to keep him from attacking the wasps).

Scenes from a garden…

Other Abyssinian Videos

One of Gun-Hee’s videos got a comment this morning, and when I went to read it, YouTube had a list of “related” videos for me to watch. These were some of them…

Kitten up a Tree

On the way home from ArtBeat last Saturday, Gun-Hee noticed sparrows. And a tree. He climbed the tree all by himself…

…but he failed to entice the birds into his mouth.

Gun-Hee at ArtBeat

Gun-Hee and I, as I posted earlier, went to Somerville’s Art Beat last weekend.

And here we are…

One more nickel…

Gun-Hee and I rode the Red Line to Cambridge last weekend…and he was just so darn photogenic!

This last one is my favourite. This is how relaxed he’s become on the T when he can’t look out the window.


Gun-Hee knows that the buttons have something to do with the elevator…

Chin Acne and Teeth

I have to leave work early on Tuesday to take Gun-Hee to the vet; he seems to have feline acne which didn’t seem to be going away through normal means

Patrick’s always had it, but never very bad. Gun-Hee’s is not only more extensive but it bothers him: he scratches his neck.

I started treating it last week; I basically took everything I already knew and beefed it up with some fresh internet research, which ended me up with a regimen of flea-combing the area and applying hydrogen and benzoyl peroxide, Bacitracin, epsom salts, and Malaseb pads and MalAcetic lotion with Hydrocortisone to help the itching (these are special for cats and dogs) which I found on a vet meds site in the course of my research.

But I took him in just in case he needed oral medication, and be be sure it isn’t something other than acne.

Then, too, we have a plastic bulk feeder and water bubbler, so he may have an allergy to plastic; that was the case with my high school cat, Sgt. Pepper (a Siamese and white)but Patrick has it no matter what sort of bowl we use. Kylie, Tessie and Harri have never had a problem. And we kind of don’t want to get rid of those, since they’re convenient for us and them…
It’s rather hard to find bulk feeders that aren’t made of plastic. I could only find this ceramic Pet Well for water, and it’s a bit expensive. For food, there are more choices, but they’re none of them very attractive, and I don’t know that the cats could open them.

Good thing he doesn’t mind going to the vet.

Turns out, I was doing all the right things, and I just needed to keep on it. Which is a reassuring comment on my abilities as cat mom, but which means that there’s nothing else that can be done. While we were there, the vet also looked at Gun-Hee’s teeth. There is one premolar on the left side that isn’t coming out all the way, and the gum nearby is very red. 10 months old, and he still has a tooth coming in. The vet said I should just watch it for now; if the tooth never comes in he may need a gingivectomy to remove the gum that hangs over the tooth; because the tooth isn’t all the way out, there’s a pocket between the gum and the tooth where food can be trapped. It’s not serious, and the fact that I brush his teeth helps. It’s something that would wait until his first major tooth-cleaning, because it needs to be done under general anaesthetics.

He’s up to 8½lbs now; he’s getting to be a big boy!

Getting over fear

Remember how Gun-Hee was afraid of my new pair of Crocs?

I think he’s gotten over it:

Gun-Hee’s Big Day Out

Gun-Hee and I went to Art Beat today. It was a lot of fun, and Gun-Hee was amazing. It started out with a walk to the post office and a ride on the T. Then we stopped in at the hardware store and home before getting to Davis Square. I got lunch at one of Redbones’ food booths, and settled down to watch a band called “B for Brontosaurus.” Gun-Hee shared my barbeque, of course.

We stayed there for at least 4 hours, and I think we talked to about 100 people. Gun-Hee was awesome though. He only hissed at dogs…and at one little kid who hugged him before his mom or I could stop him! Thankfully, they had three cats of their own, and she was the kind of mother who scolded the kid, saying, “What the hell were you thinking – you know better than that!?” instead of the sort who blames the cat.

We also went to a yard sale, where Gun-Hee was given a little rubber lobster. We looked at craft booths (I bought a pair of pants), and there was another yard sale where I bought anatomically correct keychains, and where, unfortunately there was a very territorial dog, which upset Gun-Hee so much he hissed at me.

I think our favourite booth was the Charles River Alley Cats booth. We bought a scratchy box from them to support the homeless kitties, Gun-Hee looked at the two kittens that were up for adoption, and he camped out in their box of extra toys.

He also spent some time up a tree…seriously! He actually climbed a tree all by himself to get closer to the sparrows, and then just kind of hung out up there. It was adorable! But I had to hold onto his leash to make sure he didn’t get up so high that I couldn’t get him down.

Finally we went home to relax, cool off, and watch the Red Sox kick the White Sox’s asses. Always a good thing.

Photos to come, of course.

Gun-Hee’s Fame Precedes Him

I walked home today from Back Bay, via the Broadway/Jim Kelly Bridge. At the top of the bridge, two guys in a car started yelling at me. I couldn’t understand what they were saying at first, but then I got it: “Where’s your cat!?”

I laughed and said, “He’s at home! I have to go get him!”

I have no idea who these guys were, but they’ve obviously seen me with Gun-Hee. Jason the door guy thought they might be delivery guys, since Gun-Hee loves to greet the delivery guys.

I have no idea, but it cracked me the hell up.


This weekend is Art Beat in Davis Square. I’m going to go for part of Saturday afternoon with Gun-Hee; I think he’d really enjoy it. This year the theme is “Art Beast” so it’s particularly appropriate for him to go!

We’ll just go and have a snack (Redbones has a booth set up every year so I’ll get a sammich to share with him), listen to some bands and look at some arts and crafts. And…well…if he sees something he really likes (one year someone was selling crocheted octipi and squids)…we may just have to go home with it.


In Yesterday’s post, I mentioned Audrey (the pregnant one) and Diamond along with putting up photos of Little Tex.

So who do I see on my way home but Audrey herself!

She doesn’t look that pregnant in the above photo, but…

Rich cat, poor cat

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a young feral cat, about the same age as Gun-Hee.

Well, I met him today.