Visiting the Welder’s Cats

Today, Gun-Hee and I went to the post office to see if my copy of Harry Potter had arrived yet (it hadn’t). On the way, we peeked in to see if any cats were about at the welders’ place.

There was one, and he and Gun-Hee looked at each other for a while.

Garbage Cat

6:30, Saturday morning. I’m awakened by a crash in the kitchen…and it takes a lot to wake me up. So of course I went to investigate…

…and found this!

Skateboarding is not a crime

Sunday before last, we took Gun-Hee out to Rolling Bridge Park. We also took one of his magic wand toys. While we were out there, we ran into a city planning student who was reading all the plaques. He had a skateboard, so of course Gun-Hee had to check that out.

Captain of Teh Carpet Ship

Gun-Hee often does things I don’t understand.

I think he’s been reading Two Lumps.
And just because I couldn’t resist…

Life with an Abyssinian

Gun-Hee is sitting on the back of the sofa, gazing speculatively up at the ceiling.

I can only imagine what he’s plotting.

Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Despite an endless supply of better choices, Gun-Hee decided that my LL Bean bag was the best place in the house to sleep.

A different sort of picture of Gun-Hee on the T

Gun-Hee at Broadway Station in Southie:

Homeward bound