Aby-a-Day – 30 Augusti: Angel’s follow-up eye exam (Medical Monday)l.

Last week, Angel had her follow-up eye exam, so we took the bus out to Skultorp to see the eye specialist.


She had quite a lot to say about that.


She waited patiently in her carrier in the cat waiting room. There was also a woman with a white longhair named Mitzi. She and Angel had a very cute conversation.


We weren’t waiting long; the tech took us back to the exam room quickly.



Then they turned out the lights and checked her eye. It was good news: the drops worked, and her eye is much clearer. She’ll need to keep getting the drops for the rest her life, but she’s in good shape.


On the way home, we stopped at DjurMagazinet to get some cat food, and Angel got some treats from one of the clerks. All in all, a pretty good day.

16 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 30 Augusti: Angel’s follow-up eye exam (Medical Monday)l.

  1. So happy for you and Angel! I hope getting eye drops for the rest of her life won’t be too stressful for both of you.

    My social media today was full of Ginger Cat Day. Would a red Aby count as a ginger?


  2. I don’t know how to add a new post, so it will have to be a comment. Koshka suffered an aneurysm in her brain on 6 September 2021. She will most likely not wake up again. I’m sure she would like to tell all the followers of her blog that she loves you. It wasn’t supposed to end this way.


    1. I have been following Koshka’s progress on Facebook and I thank you for also commenting here. I loved Koshka and all the kitties–this has been my favorite blog and she’ll always have my love and gratitude. You’re so right, it wasn’t supposed to end this way. I’ve never read a sadder sentence. Take care, Bjorn.


    1. I’ve just now read this, and am so sorry for all that you and Koshka have been going through, Björn. I’m not a member of Facebook and so can’t see what progress there has been. You both have all my good wishes for a full recovery, and I’ll hope to see an update here at some point. Be well!


      1. (This is written by Björn.) I’m fully awake now, have regained some of my ability to walk, read and talk, but I haven’t regained my ability to write. Hopefully, I’ll be able to blog about the cats again in a not too distant future.


        1. OMG! I am so excited to see this post, Koshka and Björn!! Thank you SO much for writing and letting us all know about your progress. I’ll keep checking to see when you come back, and will be sending continuous vibes for you both until then.


  3. I’m so happy that you are awake and
    I hope that you fully recover.
    You are in our thoughts and most importantly in our hearts.
    Get well!


  4. Happy Birthday, Koshka! Hope that you enjoy your special day, and that each day is better and better for you.


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