Aby-a-Day – 15 Augusti: The boys on the bed (Singapura Sunday)

This is a scene that happens most days.


The three boys love to hang out together on our bed.

boysbed_7906 1

Dashiell and Izaak have always been best friends since Dash came to live with us. Zak was Dash’s first friend, and they eat all their meals together, especially since we haven’t been going to cat shows. Dash hasn’t been without Zak in his life in Sweden.

boysbed_7907 1

Alfred often joins them, but he doesn’t always cuddle with them.

boysbed_7908 1

Freddy does cuddle with Zak and Dash in the morning when we’re all in bed, but for some reason, he gives the younger boys their space in the afternoon and evening.

boysbed_7910 1

Maybe he remembers his best friend Logan, and he doesn’t want to intrude. I really do wonder if Freddy thinks about Logan.