Girls, can’t we just all get along?

I’m having problems with the girls. I have never had problems with introducing new cats into multi-cat households…but it’s been almost two weeks and Tessie is unrelenting.

Like this morning. Tessie was stalking her. I even intervened a few times, but then I had to go to work. Sure enough, my husband sent me this email: After you left, Tessie attacked the Angel on the bed. She was hit violently 4 times on the head, she SCREAMED and then bolted away and I couldn’t find her.

It doesn’t help that Angel definitely a rescue. She’s very scared and hides and doesn’t have the confidence to assert herself at all. Tessie isn’t making it easier, either. She keeps on attacking her like this!

It also doesn’t help that she has a cold and is on Clavamox. She doesn’t like to have her claws trimmed or take any medicine and she fights like a holy terror when I try. She is the strongest cat I’ve ever known! She’s also wiry and slippery. I have a few wounds where she’s gotten me with her claws. I actually had to get one of those kitty straight jackets – the vet recommended it!

But once you give her the medicine and let her out of the bag, and comb her, she purrs and rubs and kneads and is just happy and loving. She also sleeps all night in the bed cuddled up with me. When you wake up and start petting her in the morning, she purrs and rubs and kneads…and she eats well.

There’s still some adjusting to be done. Tuesday I came home and she was up on the kitchen counter, and she’d pooped up there – I think she was afraid to jump down where the big girls were…no cat goes on a smooth surface like a marble countertop unless they don’t have a choice.

Yesterday I discovered that someone pooped in the cat tent that used to be Gun-Hee’s. I think that’s Angel too – Kylie plays a game where she waits outside the bathroom when someone’s in the litter box and pounces on them as they come out. She means nothing by it, it’s just her idea of a practical joke and she does it to every one. But I think it really spooked poor Angel and she’s afraid to go in there now, and the tent is safe and secure. No harm done; everything in the cat tent is washable. But it’s worrying.

I’ve ordered a bunch of Feliway refills – I have two of the plug-ins but since everyone was getting along I stopped using them when I ran out of refills and never bothered to get more. I don’t think I can wait for the order to come in the mail, though, so I’m going to Petco after work to get some to use now.

She’s so little and sweet though. But she’s a rescue, she’s may never be the swaggering self-confident cat that Gun-Hee was…although there are moments when her Aby personality shine through. She loves to play in the bathtub while I’m getting ready for work, and she loves to play with anything that moves. She’s very smart and very observent, too – she sees little reflections moving on the ceiling that other cats don’t notice.

Tessie really needs to get over this. That poor little girl – when she’s like she was this morning you can see how great a kitty she is and then Tessie pulls this and just undoes all the progress I’ve made with her. And it’s just Tess, too…apart from her litter box prank, Kylie’s been a sweetheart and has even licked Angel on the top of her head.

This is a new challenge for me. I’ve never had this problem before.

This is the dynamic I’m talking about…

Gun-Hee a Day/295 of 366

Gun-Hee, Kylie and me on the sofa…

Gun-Hee a Day/294 of 366

Even when he was sick, Gun-Hee would camp out and wait for treats.

Homer the Blind Cat

Homer the brave blind cat.

Homer’s backstory.

Since knowing Angel only a week and a half, I can appreciate the courage of this little cat. Also the strength and determination – Angel is the strongest little cat I’ve ever known. In fact, I’ve had to buy a Klaw Kontrol bag for her so I can give her her medications.

Let’s hear it for the vision-impaired kittehs!

Angel’s First Trip to the Vet

Angel went to the vet on Saturday because she was sneezing. I took a few photos while we were there.

I got lucky with this one.

Exploring the vet’s office…

Talking to me. I swear, Abys talk more than any Siamese I’ve ever known!

Close-up of her bad eye.

I think this is just an adorable pose. You can see she’s every inch an Abyssinian!

Sitting pretty…

As I am typing this, Angel is playing with a small piece of cheese I gave her. Most cats would recognise the cheese as a treat and eat it. Not Angel! She’s playing with it. It’s hilarious.

Rusty is a “long term FIP survivor”

I meant to post this last month, but somehow it got missed. Rusty, Gun-Hee’s brother, made it to his second birthday!

Woohoo!!! As of today, Rusty is considered a “long term FIP survivor” (according to FIP research studies by the Winn Feline Foundation). He has survived past the 3 month mark since signs of FIP (primarily the widening of the abdomen due to fluid) were first noticed on June 28.

It looks like all of the abdominal fluid has dissipated, although I think he still has some fluid in the chest cavity which causes him to cough up mucous on a daily basis. Hopefully that will all be gone soon too.

Rusty still needs some muscle and weight put back on him, but he continues to enjoy time hanging out with the other cats in the house and in our secured backyard. He can still jump up onto the counter when he smells something good cooking, and he can still put the chase to another cat, or squirrel, when so inclined 🙂

For his celebration dinner he enjoyed wild Pacific red salmon with organic brown and wild rice and organic cauliflower, and some T-Bone steak as an added treat, which he especially liked! One of the attached pictures was just taken of Rusty lounging on his new couch I just got for him yesterday. The outdoor photo was taken on September 14.

Of course, our goal is for Rusty to be a “really, really, really long term survivor” and we are working hard to get that miracle. The memory of his brother Gun-Hee, who went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 28 because of FIP, motivates us to beat this!

Gun-Hee a Day/293 of 366

Even when he was feeling bad, Gun-Hee still managed to look handsome and composed.