Gun-Hee – Sept. 16 2006 to June 28, 2009

The anniversary of Gun-Hee’s death was yesterday. We did the tour of Fenway Park, but didn’t get to go on the field. So I sprinkled some of his ashes from the top of the Green Monster.

This is where I dropped his ashes. I learned from this tour that, after Fenway’s 100th birthday in 2012, no changes will be able to be made because it will become a historical landmark. They replaced the field and warning track before the 2005 season.

Gun-Hee’s ashes will be there for a really long time. So every time I watch a game, I can look at the Green Monster and remember Gun-Hee.

Angel-a-day/167 of 365

Angel exploring the spaces between the rocks at Rolling Bridge Park.

She actually found a cave under this one and went in!

Ha! Look at the sand on her head!

Angel-a-day/165 of 365

More of Angel at Rolling Bridge Park:
Angel is a huge fan of the Stonehedge-like rocks at the park.

Angel-a-day/161 of 365


Angel’s birthday present was an Undercover Mouse.



She loved it.

Angel-a-day/158 of 365

Angel and Tessie sharing a pillow on the sofa. My husband turned around when I snapped this and asked, “did you put them like that?” “No,” I said, “They did that themselves. That’s why I took the photo.”

Angel-a-day/152 of 365

Angel loves help me make earrings.