Gun-Hee and the big cats

I took these last night…

Gun-Hee with Patrick…

…and with Tessie.

Gun-Hee helps mommy get ready for work

Gun-Hee likes to help me get ready for work in the morning…

Double fang

Gun-Hee’s adult canine teeth are coming in…and his baby teeth haven’t fallen out yet, giving him a pair of duplex upper fangs on each side…

Gun-Hee Fetching

This was this morning when he woke me I woke up…

Out-take from the previous video

While I was filming the video of Gun-Hee jumping up the door after his fishing lure toy, I moved some of the magnets out of the way. One of these was a magnetic cat toy, a favourite of Tessie’s. She noticed it, and came to play with it. And of course, Tessie noticing it made Gun-Hee notice it…and so…

Gun-Hee running up the wall

Well, the door, actually. I made Gun-Hee a hanging toy out of a fly fishing lure and a magnetic base. He astounds me with his athleticism.

Gun-Hee meets Clocky

Today, I got a Clocky alarm clock (he’s the alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don’t wake up). Here’s historic footage of Gun-Hee meeting Clocky…

Climbing the family tree

Gun-Hee’s pedigree on ERoS, the Electronic Register of Somalis, a worldwide database of the Somali cats (and, of course, Abyssinians).

This is so awesome. Not only does it list his ancestry, but it has the names of his brother (Jaspurr) and sisters (Sweet Sophie and Betula Birch). Somehow, it’s just so nice to know that his littermates are out there, and they have names, and those names are in the database in perpetuity.

Teething is fun!

This was a take-out box I left unattended for a moment…

…and this was some cheese that I’d left in the bag for a moment while I took off my shoes.

Something fishy…

The other day, I found this packet of fish food that Gun-Hee decided to teethe on…

What impresses me the most about this is the way he chewed out around the outline of the fish on the package.

But apart from trying to eat their food, Gun-Hee is fascinated with the fish…


The St. Valentine’s Day Paper Towel Massacre

As I posted earlier, I woke up this morning to find the landscape of the kitchen almost as covered in white as the landscape outside the window. For whatever reason, an innocent roll of paper towels was brutally savaged over night.

Oh, the horror! And when I went to examine the scene more closely, the perpetrator, showing no remorse, came barelling back into the scene of the crime…

Leaving no doubt as to who was responsible for the fiberage… It was the KMD!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I woke up this morning, went into the kitchen…and discovered that, despite this being the day devoted to love and romance, sometime during the night a great battle had been waged in the kitchen and, as a result, the roll of paper towels had been brutally attacked and murdered, pieces of its flesh scattered far and wide across the floor.

Film at 11.

Enjoying the sun porch

It was cold outside today, but on my sun porch it was over 60° and Gun-Hee enjoyed the warm sunshine.

Cat Show Art

I made this image of Gun-Hee at the cat show:

Gun-Hee is such a helpful little kitten…

…Look how he helps me put the laundry away!

The books say that Abyssinians are intelligent…

…and I can’t argue with them. I finally managed to catch Gun-Hee in action at his latest trick…jumping at lightswitches for I can only guess what purpose.

It’s a little squashed, unfortunately, since when I took it I forgot you can’t really post vertical videos…

Gun-Hee attacks the bag (at 7:30 on a Saturday)

The girls make a guest appearance in this one.

Cat about town

I took Gun-Hee on the T today. We rode the Red Line, from Broadway to Porter Square. I managed to get one of the single seats, so when we got settled, I let him out of his carrier (he had his harness and leash on, of course) so he could sit on my lap.

He enjoyed it immensely. He didn’t stay on my lap (what Aby would?), but I kept him on the seat, either on my lap, shoulder, or the window sill to my right. As we approached Charles MGH, I set him on the window sill, and tapped the window so he’d look outside. The sight of the Charles River was most interesting to him, as were the cars driving alongside the train.

A few people (interestingly, mostly male teenagers) were enchanted by the well-behaved kitten. One, as he got off at Harvard Square, said, “Bye, kitty.” “Say ‘goodbye,'” I said to Gun-Hee, who, to my parental delight, immediately meowed in response. I’m sure that kid will remember that for a while.

Then, when the announcement, “Next Stop…PORTER SQUARE,” came over the PA system, I held open Gun-Hee’s carrier and “clicked” at him, saying, “Come on, get in your bag.” Again, to my proud delight (and not a little surprise), he promptly clambered down off my shoulder and into his carrier.

He’s an endlessly amazing little kitten.

My little boy’s growing up!

Last night I took Gun-Hee for a walk around the building, and I noticed his kitten harness was a bit hard to fasten. It was up to it’s largest adjustment. So I tried his “adult” harness on him (the same size as the one Tessie wears), adjusted to the smallest size…and it fit!

My little boy’s growing up…next week, he’ll be 5 months old.

Playing in the Days Inn

This is Gun-Hee playing in the hotel room in Dover, NH…