Aby-a-Day – 16 January: Head study (Cartoon Tuesday)

Just a little head study I did in my Swedish language class the other day…can you tell who is who?

Aby-a-Day – 9 January: Emma’s fan art (Cartoon Tuesday)

Björn’s 7 year old daughter Emma lives near Stockholm with her mother. She loves cats and drawing (a girl after my own heart!) and, since Jacoby has decided that he doesn’t like going to cat shows anymore, when we go to a show in that area, we take Jake along and he stays with them while we show Logan.

Emma drew the above picture of Jake during one visit…

…Based on this.

She came to visit us for her birthday, and (as every little girl who has ever seen him has done) she absolutely fell in love with Logan. She drew this picture of him…

…Based on this. She’s got a good eye!

Aby-a-Day – 7 January: Brothers from another mother (Cinema Sunday)

Alfred had three sisters and a brother in his litter. He was, quite literally, never alone as a kitten.


Even before he was born, they were their own gang of five (Click for video).




He always had at least one littermate around to play with, eat with, sleep with…everything with.


Logan had just one sister, but they were always together, too.


They were really sweet together with Naina (Click for video).

Freddy came home with us on 6 June, and then I picked Logan up on 11 June, five days later. Even though he rode the train back with us and Jacoby, I am sure Freddy was pretty lonely for those five days.


Freddy and Jake were right there to meet Logan the moment I unzipped the carrier.


Freddy was quick to introduce himself to the newcomer.


This was Freddy and Logan the first night Logan moved in.


This was the next morning.




Three days later, they were playing together as though they had known each other their entire lives!


Not only playing…


…but sleeping together, too!



Here are a couple of short videos of the two together. They really love each other! I can’t imagine having one without the other (Click for videos).

Aby-a-Day – 1 January: New Year’s Resolution

Okay, so the last post I made on my poor blog was 5 June…2016. Since moving with Jacoby and Angel from Boston to Skövde, Sweden…it became really difficult to make a daily post. And I don’t exactly know why. I am now a housewife and student, no longer spending 8+ hours a day working at an uninspiring job, so you would think I would have more time to blog. But for some reason, it was. Part of the problem is the sheer number of photos I have to go through. I’ve taken a LOT of photos since I moved here. How many? Rough estimate…20,000. And of course the longer I waited, the more photos I had to deal with. At first I was going to ret-con all the days I missed…but too much has happened my first 18 months in Sweden. We’ve been to cat shows in Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki (Finland, twice), and near or in Göteborg and Stockholm (several times).

I have been going to Swedish classes since October 2016, but I am nowhere near fluent yet. Jake and Angel love living in Sweden; although I do miss Tessie and Kylie, I don’t miss the fighting. Angel is much more relaxed and happy…although she still isn’t a “normal” Abyssinian.

And then, August 2017, while giving Pyret a pill, she bit down on the middle finger of my right hand. That caused me to spend nine nights in hospital and undergo four surgeries. Four months later, and it’s still quite painful. So there’s a lot of catching up to do.


But the biggest thing that’s happened since my last post is Alfred and Logan! Freddy was born on 4 February near Stockholm, bred by my friend Karin Carlsson. His mother is a blue silver Abyssinian and his father is a ruddy. Freddy is a very dark black silver.


We went to meet him and his four littermates (Greta, Märta, Kerstin and Bertil) as well as his parents and cousins in March, and Freddy came home with us on 6 June. He was a little older, four months old, but because of the timing (beginning of June, holiday season in Sweden, and also on the way home from the show in Tallinn), that turned out to be the best date to pick him up.


He wasted no time making himself at home. Freddy was more or less planned to be a friend for Jake. But then there was a little surprise. Shortly after we agreed to adopt Freddy, our friend Lisa, to whom Björn delivered Naina the Singapura from Boston, messaged me with an…interesting proposition. Naina had a litter of two on 9 March, a little boy named Vide (Swedish for pussywillow) and a girl named Iris. She wanted to know if we wanted Vide, since we were a big part of the reason he and his sister were born.


Well…we hadn’t really thought about getting two kittens, or having five cats. But we just couldn’t say no, either. I have always been curious about Singas, Jake was not happy showing in FIFe, and Freddy is too dark to do well at shows. Naina’s boy would be a show cat, and more. Singapuras are very rare in Scandinavia, having only been recognised by FIFe in 2014. There are only 53 Singapuras registered in Sweden (although Naina has just had a second litter, so there are three more), and the gene pool is still quite small. So Vide, who we named Logan after the airport where we met his mother, will be kept intact and eventually father future Swedish Singas.


It turned out to be a great decision. I brought Logan home on 11 June, five days after Freddy. He was three months old, one month younger than Freddy.


Freddy and Logan became instant friends.


Freddy is a big Aby, and Logan is a Singapura, the smallest breed of cat. Despite only being 33 days apart in age, Freddy was so much larger than Logan!


Logan’s catching up, though. I call them “The Brothers from Another Mother.” They are almost always together. Which is another reason getting both of them was such a wise move. While Freddy was intended to be a playmate for Jake…when I introduced them, it was FREDDY who growled at Jake and Angel, not the other way around. Freddy growled at Logan at first, too. But Logan simply walked up to him and purred. He was also unafraid of the big Abys.


Angel was in this little bed. Logan wanted to be in it. Angel hissed at him. He ignored her. So they shared the bed.


Jake wasn’t thrilled when Freddy growled and hissed at him, so he started growling at both kittens. Logan didn’t care.


Logan is slowly wearing him down.


And where Logan goes, Freddy follows!