Aby-a-Day – March 31: Cat-tested and cat-approved

On our way home on Saturday, we also stopped at Doggie Day, which is probably the closest pet supply store to our house. It’s just over the Broadway Bridge where Arlington becomes Herald, but for some reason I hadn’t taken Jacoby there yet. I took Gun-Hee a couple of times, though.


It was also a nice little rest from the wind, which walking from Arlington to Broadway was fairly sharp. Jake seemed happy to be inside, although he did appear a bit overwhelmed by the giant doggie toys. I think that yellow one was larger than he is!


He also had to try out the giant dog bed (notice how he picked the one in colours that harmonise with his fur and coat).


His favourite, however, was this carpeted tunnel section of a free-standing cat tree. He didn’t want to come out. I tried to tell him that we do have one almost exactly like it at home…but apparently this one was better.

We’re #7! We’re #7!

I just got a Catster email about the CFA’s announcement last week of the most registered breeds in 2010. There was some rearrangement in the rankings from 2009, interestingly. The 2009 Top Ten were:

1. Persian
2. Exotic (basically a Persian with short hair)
3. Maine Coon
4. Siamese
5. Ragdoll
6. Abyssinian
7. Sphynx
8. American Shorthair
9. Birman
10. Oriental

The article I found only mentioned the top seven, who were:

1. Persian
2. Maine Coon
3. Exotic
4. Ragdoll
5. Sphynx
6. Siamese
7. Abyssinian

Which is more or less a reorganisation of last year, with the Sphynx and Ragdoll gaining two points each and the Siamese dropping two points. Abys only dropped a point; however, Abys tend to have small litters compared to other breeds, and that does affect the registry numbers.

This line, though, did have me laughing: In a startling upset, the Siamese has fallen out of the top five. The active, vocal and affectionate cat, with its exotic looks, now ranks at Number 6. The Abyssinian has also been demoted to Number 7. “Maybe people don’t want all that activity,” says Miller. “But actually, I know these breeds remain popular; it’s just that some others are today more of an interest.”

What, you mean people would rather eat their meals uninterrupted by grabby hands and they prefer being able to open a door without keeping a sleek brown body on the other side of it?

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Aby-a-Day – March 30: Wordless Wednesday


A feline dental miracle

Last night when I was brushing Jake’s teeth, I decided to check and see if daily brushing was making any difference. I was pleased to find that it was; his teeth are really clean and his gums look very nice and healthy. He just had a little tartar build-up in the crevices of the first top molars on either side of his mouth. I have a dental scraping tool that I use on my own teeth, and last night, I thought, “Hmmm…I wonder if he’d let me…”


So, after washing it carefully, I held him on the counter and I gave it a shot…and he let me scrape the tartar off! I was stunned; I mean, I know he’s an exceptionally patient cat and he trusts me implicitly and unconditionally, but I did not expect him to actually let me chip plaque off his teeth! Cats usually need to be put under general anaesthetic to allow people to do that!

However, I do have to mention that, while I was looking for a dental reference and a picture of a cat’s teeth to accompany this post, I found a greater-than-expected percentage of Abyssinians showing off their pearly whites, like:

Truman Gets His Teeth Brushed - 1
Truman, and


So it seems that Abys seem more likely to let people mess about with their mouths than most cats. Too bad nobody’s told Angel about that…

Aby-a-Day – March 29: Cat about town

Saturday, Jacoby and I went out to Coolidge Corner to meet Lucy, the Recreational Services Director at Brookline Health Care Center. When I mapped the walk from the T stop to the facility, my iPhone showed me a nearby store called Cause to Paws which sounded like just the kind of place we needed to investigate, so after our visit we went to check it out.


Jake saw this Pop-Up Cat Condo and decided it was just his thing.


“Mom! Can we buy this? Please??”


They were having a sale on winter coats – 50% off! – so I had to drag him out of the condo to try on some new clothes. They had a leather jacket that, sadly, was much too small…


…but this coat, made by Animal Wrappers, was perfect! It’s insulated with fiberfill, water-resistant and reversable! And it fit him so well, too – a lot of his coats are too short. It’s even his colour!


He also met Kipper the dog while he was there. There’s another view of this encounter on Cause to Paws’ Facebook page. Jake was polite, but reserved; he was bored and ready to get going. He actually jumps back into his carrier (which I used instead of his stroller for this trip because the Green Line trains are not stroller-friendly) when he’s done shopping. Typical male!

Jake’s Monday Weigh-In – Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of Jacoby’s diet and exercise plan, and finally, finally we’ve got some news! Jake now weighs 5.1 kg!

Okay, so it’s only 1/10 of a kilogram…but it’s progress!

Aby-a-Day – March 28: Aby Battle! (Hipstamatic Monday)

I’ve been taking a lot of photos with Hipstamatic lately, and I happened to capture a full-on, knock down, drag out Aby battle the other day. Somehow, when captured in HipstaVision, the epic battle just seems more…epic. These are all in order as I shot them, nothing deleted between shots IMG1957 and IMG1965.










This last one I find particularly amusing, because it is such a classic stand-off between these two. I took an almost identical photo last year…


This was January 2010! Jacoby has apparently not learned how to get past Angel yet. No wonder Angel usually mops the floor with him when they go at it!