Aby-a-Day – 31 May: Birthday memories (Cartoon Tuesday)

Tomorrow is my birthday…again. And as my personal New Year’s Day, I’ve always reveled in it.



Dressing cats since 1981…oh, yes. Actually, this was only a couple of months before I got my first all-mine, raised from scratch, leash-trained, bike-riding, boykitten Sgt. Pepper, a chocolate Siamese and white (what now would be a Snowshoe) who was also my first real CFA show cat (HHP, of course). Mary and I were both into cats and the Beatles (clearly).

(Pepper was named because Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was originally released on my birthday in 1967, and as such was my favourite album.)


And cameras. I’m not sure who these cats are (her name seems to have been Betsy), but I think they may have been Mary’s cats.

This fascinates me…I drew these 35 years ago, almost to the day. My basic style really hasn’t changed all that much, has it?

Aby-a-Day – 29 May: The Jake and Coco Show (Selfie Sunday)

You remember when you were a little kid, and you would put on “shows” to entertain family and friends? Some of us did them live in the living room, others (like me) would record “radio shows” on tape, and today they’re making mp4 movies and loading them onto YouTube.


But I think we all did it at some point. And lately, in our nightly FaceTime sessions with Björn, I feel like Jacoby and I have been putting on the “Jake and Coco Show.”


“Come on, Jake…do you have anything to say to the nice people out there in FaceTime land?”




“No? Nothing? What, has the cat got your tongue?”


“How about a kiss, then?”


“No? Okay well I wouldn’t kiss me either after that joke.”


“Better now?”


Then I got up for some reason, and Jake didn’t want to be alone onscreen without his sidekick.


So he followed me.


But don’t think for a second that he doesn’t know where the camera is at all times.

Aby-a-Day – 28 May: “Light” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Light.”


Just this past Monday’s post was shots of Jacoby with my little round nightlight.


These are the photos I thought turned out best from that set.


Jake is such a great subject. Most of the photos I liked best involved the light reflecting off his eyes’ tapetum lucidum (which means “light tapestry”) and playing with the night light.


Usually, photos with eyeshine in them need to be fixed.


But mixed with Hipstamatic, they become the best of the bunch.

Aby-a-Day – 27 May: Rolling around on the bed since 2009 (Friday Flashback)

You may recall that Wednesday’s post featured a silly photo of Jacoby rolling around on my bed.


This isn’t exactly a new thing with him.


He’s been rolling around like a goof on my bed since he arrived to stay with us in 2009!



These were taken on 7 September 2009, just a week before Jake turned 5 months old.

Aby-a-Day – 26 May: Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day, a fundraising campaign run by the non-profit organization Comic Relief to raise money for children in poverty worldwide.


The red noses themselves have been on sale at Walgreen’s for a few weeks now, so I picked one up.


It’s just a squishy red ball, like one of those desk stress-relief toys, with a grove to stick it on your nose.


Well, of course I had to see if Jacoby would wear it.


It wasn’t really built for feline noses, apparently.


Maybe a different angle? Uh…nope. Not really working.


Finally, however, we found the best way for Jake to wear the red nose.


On his head, of course!

Aby-a-Day – 25 May: Wordless Wednesday (They see me rollin’)


Aby-a-Day – 24 May: Birthday Toast (Cartoon Tuesday)

I got this card for my stepmom, Ann’s, birthday:


And when I wrote a little note and signed it…I got a little carried away.


But you know…Jacoby loves bread…he would totally try to eat that little toast dude!