Aby-a-Day – February 11: “Identity Crisis” (Cartoon Tuesday)

Finally! The Winter Olympics Hockey games at Sochi start tomorrow! And of course we’re all excited about watching Team Canada…but then again, our favourite goalie is on Team Finland.


That’s bound to be confusing.

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Abys in Need – Red Female in Wilkes-Barre, PA

No name, no age…but definitely an Aby.

I got this via email and don’t have any more details than what’s below.

My name is Vickie, I’m a supervisor at the Luzerne County SPCA…located in Wilkes Barre, PA. We have an Aby (at the very least 95% Aby). We received her as a stray awhile ago. She’s shy and nervous and yet very sweet and loves attention.

She’s spayed and I’m hoping there’s a local rescue closer to our facility for placement. I don’t want to see her go to just anyone unless they’re familiar with the breed. I believe she’s a Ruddy, she’s rust/white. If you have anyone that I can contact please email or call the shelter at 570-825-4111.

Well, she’s definitely a purebred red/sorrel Aby, and she looks so scared and confused! If you’re in PA and need an Aby, here’s your chance! Contact the shelter and get this poor girl without a name out of there.