Aby-a-Day – Day 171 of 365

I really like this photo of Angel, and the ethereal glow that surrounds her.

She seems so intent. On what, I’m not entirely sure.

Is it an Aby?

I saw this photo on This is Photobomb, one of the sites in the Cheezburger Network. This one is devoted to people caught in the background of a photo and is frequently R rated.

But this one post of theirs caught my eye because of the cat (of course). I think it’s an Abyssinian, but it’s hard to see with the flash and the eye lazors.

So: Aby? Yes or no?

Half-Aby Kittens Looking for Homes

posted this in and I promised I’d boost the signal here.

Hi everyone,

A breeder friend of mine had a perplexing experience this week. She had brought in a couple of Abys from another breeder to breed to her male – but it turned out they arrived pregnant and she has seven Aby cross kittens that will be available in the next 10-12 weeks. She is a really great person and takes great care of her charges. She is also a very responsible breeder and this is no way her fault.

She is not looking to make money off these little guys, only to cover her costs of deworming, first shots, etc. They will be raised underfoot and socialized in the same way she does for her Abys. She has to determine that cost but I will post it when I hear from her. She will not consider a shelter and will keep them until they find suitable homes.

If you or anyone you know is looking for an interesting looking kitty, leave a comment and I will put you in touch with her. She is in the Vancouver area and will ship in North America (your cost). She has these guys below and another litter that have the blue aby colouring, pictures to come of those guys (they were born this week). She figures they will be bigger than regular Abys but they should have the temperment and high activity level typical of Abyssinians.

Look at the cute!

The kitten in the top photo looks like she might be a tortoishell Aby mix. From these photos, the kittens look like they’re going to show more Abyssinian physical traits than not.

If you are interested in adopting and you live in North America, please contact for more information.

Jake and Angel as LOLcats

Over in Cat_Macros, Magenta_Dawned made this LOLcat starring Angel and Jacoby: