$175 and a change of shirt later…

Jake’s got Giardia. Which is a relief; he gets Flagyl for a couple of weeks, he gets probiotics and special gasto-intestinal cat food, and most likely he’ll be healthy enough to keep his neutering appointment next week.

However, to confirm the Giardia diagnosis, we had to get a fecal sample, and since I can’t easily drop one off today due to a dentist appointment, the vet decided to “get” the sample.

Oh, we got a sample, all right. On the swab, on the table, on my hand and on my shirt. I had to borrow a scrub top to get home in!

I’m so relieved, though, that it turned out to be simple and treatable. I’ve had Giardia myself (and I have the Giant Microbe to prove it), so I know what it’s like. Poor little guy!

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