Chin Acne

Angel has the worst case of chin acne I have ever seen; I thought Gun-Hee’s was bad but it was nothing compared to Angel’s. Her entire chin is black, and of course, she doesn’t like me to flea comb the black out, wash her chin with hydrogen peroxide and put on benzoyl peroxide and bacitracin (which is what the vet told me to do for Gun-Hee). I’m taking her to the vet tomorrow to see if there isn’t anything else I can do. I have no idea why she has it. She didn’t have it when I adopted her. And it’s funny because she doesn’t drink from the community waterer and feeder, which are plastic (and which I thought contributed to Gun-Hee’s acne), but she eats in the bedroom from only stainless steel and ceramic dishes. Weird.

She’s getting braver; this is her on the sofa as I type (taken with my iPhone).


6 thoughts on “Chin Acne

    1. Interesting…that may well be. Stridex may be easier than the hydrogen peroxide/benzoyl peroxide regimen…although that is easier now that I found hydrogen peroxide wipes.


    1. It might be. Patrick (my tabby-point Siamese) and some of my sister’s cats (mostly white with “van” patterns) have had it, but both the Abys I have had had it.
      I thought Kylie might get it, because she’s pure white, but she hasn’t.


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