Gun-Hee a day/26 of 366

This is Tessie. Tessie, a Black Tortie Smoke Asian (TICA registered name: Bes Butterfly), was born in 2003; I adopted her from Kim Ghobrial in Oregon when she was almost 2 years old. She is our only cat to have had a litter of her own; you can see her daughter, Spot, and her son, Teddy on the website, as well as her brother, Koala, nephew, Midnight, and father, Jar-Jar.

Tessie is our “nurse” kitty; she takes care of the other cats – and us! – when we aren’t feeling well. She also loves to play with sparkle balls. Gun-Hee really interacts with her like she was his mother, but at the same time he roughhouses with her more than the other cats. These two are the more “people-oriented” cats in our family.