Aby-a-Day – 13 Januari: Lorelai in the snow (Cinema Sunday)

All the snow we had before Christmas melted away on Boxing Day, but we got a little more on Tuesday. So, Wednesday, I thought Lorelai might like to go out and have another run in the snow since she enjoyed it so much the last time.


It was a little colder that day, and the snow was very thin on the ground.


So, she was a little less enthusiastic this time.


Rory wanted to stay close to the trees, where there was still some grass.


There were also birds to watch up in the branches.




Something seemed to bother her feet, too. I think it was the gravel they use to add traction to the snow. They don’t use the snow melting stuff that they use in Boston.



But she did seem quite content to sit at the base of the tree and contemplate the sunset.


I love little kitty pawprints in the snow…


Markis, our upstairs neighbour, was also outside enjoying the snow.




Rory just absolutely loves exploring outside, no matter what the season.

Here’s a little video of Rory the Explorer!

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 13 Januari: Lorelai in the snow (Cinema Sunday)

  1. I love little Lorelei! Methinks she was a bit cold, too cold to care to play very much. Give that little girl a smooch from me!


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