Aby-a-Day – August 14: I’m a thousand miles away from home, just waiting for a train

On the way home from Mansfield, we had some time to kill. The inbound trains to Boston come at 3:2pm and 5:24pm…and the show ended at 3:30.


And it was running late, too.


The outbound train going to Providence arrived before the inbound train.


But our train finally did arrive, and we were happy to have a seat to ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – August 14: I’m a thousand miles away from home, just waiting for a train

  1. How is Jake’s diet going? How much food does he get every day, and what kind of food? Wet, dry? I’m struggling with a diet for all (five) of my guys…two (Newman and Jed) are quite overweight, Lionel is probably a little on the heavy side of normal and Smooch and Marv are lean, active hunters. I’m interested in your input.


    1. Well…you name a cat “Newman,” and you’re surprised he’s a fatty? LOL…

      Jake hasn’t actually lost a lot of weight. He weighs 11.25 lbs, but he’s grown into his weight since February. We’ve also cut out treats and stopped feeding him “growing kitten” rations. He’s also toned up because it’s summer and we’re going out on more adventures (February was only 4 months after he got his bandages off after his foot accident, so he was a little pudgy since he couldn’t exercise).

      We feed them Blue Wilderness dry and a variety of good quality canned food. They get measured dry food in the morning and one can at night between the four of them. Right now, Jake is okay but still a little heavy for a show cat; Kylie is okay but a little underweight; Angel is a little chunky, and Tessie is actually okay.

      We also have an Aikiou Stimulo Cat Feeding Station that makes them work for their kibble. It’s mainly Tessie and Jake that work on this, but it does seem to slow them down!


  2. PS I was in Brockport yesterday and thought of you, it’s too bad you aren’t headed this way for the cat shows this year; I’d love to meet you and Jake in person!


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