Aby-a-Day – July 7: Rossi (Cartoon Tuesday)

Things being what they are in my life right now, I’ve not had time to draw. But I found this…


This is Rossi. He was a part-Aby cat we got when I was 14. His mother was half Abyssinian. He was actually more spotted than striped, and he was a beautiful silver tabby. He loved to go out on a leash and he would attach dogs. Once he smacked one and gave it a bloody nose.


Sadly, Rossi died when he was only about 10 months old. He managed to escape from my dad’s apartment and ran into a busy street, where he was hit by a car. I think that’s the only time I’ve heard my dad cry, when he called me to tell me about it. Rossi was an amazing cat, and a huge reason why I fell in love with Abyssinians.