Aby-a-Day – July 3: Conflicted (Fashion Friday)

Jacoby is always so conflicted the first few days of July.


As a Canadian-born Aby living in the States, he just never knows what to wear.




That’s all right, buddy. It’ll be easier next year, I promise.

Abys in Need: Rummy in East Falmouth, MA

It’s weird, but it seems as though there have been a LOT of rescue Abys showing up in New England lately.

“Rummy is a stunningly elegant purebred Blue Abyssinian male. Rummy is short for Rumbullion, which is his official name. This sweetheart is 4 years old, absolutely elegant and handsome, and one of the sweetest cats at the shelter. True to his breed, his stature is long and lean, with ticked reddish-colored fur with blue undertones, erect prominent ears, and big expressive golden eyes. Rummy came to the shelter because he has very severe food allergies that his previous owners could not control, because he kept getting into the dog’s food and their toddler shared human food with him. The allergy manifests itself as a very severe skin condition, which can be controlled by a strict diet of prescription food and nothing else. Is he worth this little bit of trouble? You bet. Rummy is exceptionally friendly, reaches out for you with his paw to say “Hi”, purrs up a storm, and will climb up on you to get more one-on-one time. This guy is a total charmer. We are looking for a very special home for this boy. Rummy needs to go to a family that is familiar with the breed, he must be the only pet, and the family should not have small children who want to share their food with him. Additionally, Abyssinians need a lot of attention from their owner, so he is not a cat for someone who is gone large parts of each day. If you are interested in meeting this gorgeous boy, why not come by the shelter during adoption hours or call to make an appointment.”

People for Cats
Phone: 508-540-5654
Shelter address : 44 Beagle Lane East Falmouth, MA 02536
Email: pfcbeagleln@aol.com