Aby-a-Day – Super cuddly Alfred (Mischeivous Monday)

Alfred is the most cuddly cat I have ever met.


When he’s in a mood, he will not leave you alone.


He has places and times where he is annoyingly clingy.


One of these times is after we’ve eaten dinner and we’re watching TV.


The other time is when I am reading in bed after waking up in the morning.


It would be a lot nicer to cuddle with him if he wasn’t so drooly, though…

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – Super cuddly Alfred (Mischeivous Monday)

  1. Mango used to drool while in a cuddle-thon. I would occassionally rub him under his chin getting him to raise his head and swallow. That usually worked to keep the drooling under control.

    Last evening I prepared orange chicken for dinner. I thought how much I miss him waiting by my elbow for his share (he was patient as he knew he’d get some) with the orange sauce, of course.

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  2. Feel honored! I think the drool means he loves you. My big black cat Hamilton drools, too, when he gets lovey-dovey. He’s content.


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