Aby-a-Day – 29 Juni 2020: An exciting announcement (Medical Monday)

I have an exciting announcement to make…in two weeks, our Lorelai is going to meet a lovely gentleman called Io, who just happens to live with Alfred’s breeder, Karin.


We don’t know if Rory carries Cinnamon or if Io carries dilute, but it looks like a very good match. Of course I will keep you posted…but our Rory is going to be a mom!

(Edit: Someone asked about Io. He is a year old, sorrel, and he LOVES kittens. Her Somali, Iris, got out while she was in heat and met a handsome black tom. Io helped her care for them.

He also loves to go outside on his harness and leash. Because kittens’ temperaments are influenced by their father, even if they never meet him, these are two of the reasons I chose him. And since we already have a relationship with Karin, it was kind of a no-brainer.)

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 29 Juni 2020: An exciting announcement (Medical Monday)

  1. Did I “Squee” loud enough for you to hear me from there? Perhaps if I’d been outside.

    This really is exciting delightful news. Best wishes to all of you as Rory enters mom-hood. I can just see her teaching her kittens to run like the wind! I know it’s not likely to happen since you probably won’t keep the kittens long enough to train them to come on command, but I can still picture it.

    I’m not up on reading the form you sent us. What color is Io?


  2. So wonderful to see happy medical news! Best of luck to Rory and her beau – looking forward to seeing little Rory babies on your posts!


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