Butter up!

Gun-Hee just stole butter! My husband was cooking and left it on the counter to soften.


Next thing he knows, the butter is gone…Gun-Hee had dragged it into the Fort Under the Chairs (his second-favourite place to hide after his cage; I think the butter – which was sitting on the open wrapper – was too hard to drag all the way to his cage), just licking away. My husband salvaged the butter he needed to finish cooking, and I managed to recreate the scene with the wrapper.




No remorse. None. Whatsoever.

Another sketch of Gun-Hee

I drew this a while ago, during a meeting, and forgot to scan it…I rediscovered it today when I had another meeting.

Making a name for Gun-Hee

Today I got Gun-Hee’s new tags, engraved with his name in Korean. Thanks to Virgil at Florin Ghita Jewelers, I found an absolutely awesome guy in the Jewelry Building, Brad Keimach, who made up a template of Gun-Hee’s name in Hangul. Now, I can have it engraved on, well…anything, really, inexpensively. So you know I’m busy thinking up all sorts of things that need his name on them…

It turned out so well!